Yoga For Weight Loss Beginner

Today We will talk about yoga and the benefit of yoga and tips for yoga for weight loss. Then everyone knows today the yoga is the best way to physically and mentally Fitness. And fatty people need to lose weight. Because fat develops many diseases in our body. and you can Check how to become fat. Then let s start with some questions. There are some doubts and questions in your mind related to it then I will clear them first. Unconditionally Yoga is the best and natural way to Fit and healthy.

Benefits of Yoga

  1. Then what is need of yoga…?. and why we do yoga..?. the answer of the all these questions is clear. That yoga makes our body fit and healthy and makes our mind fresh. Yoga has only benefited no side effects of yoga. And today we will talk about weight loss with the help of yoga. Yoga is really great for weight loss. Yoga makes your body part fit. Then we starting about the yoga for weight loss.
  2. Yoga is beneficial for our Internal system also. It maintains our heartbeats and makes our vessels fit and healthy. And make our liver good. These are the benefits of yoga.

“The very heart of yoga practice is ‘abyhasa


‘ – steady effort in the direction you want to go.” …

Let,s discuss the postures of yoga. That will help you to lose weight fast. fist will discuss the postures briefly then after it I will explain all the postures step by step:-

  1. Prasarita Padottanasana ( make your leg wide and bent forward )
  2. Ardha Navasana ( Pose in half boat )
  3. Vasisthasana ( plank in one side )
  4. Vriksasana ( Position in a tree )

Now we will Explain the all of The Yoga well. then start it.

Prasarita Padottanasana ( make your leg wide and bent forward )

In this, you need to bend toward the floor and make your leg wide and start bending forward. and for extra stretch Put your hand on the back and start stretching them. This will make your body full of stretch. Here you need to open your leg from 4 to 5 feet apart and bend from your hips, not from your waist. If you have done it properly then it will make your hamstrings stretch. Take 7 to 8 long breath and make your hand stretch from shoulder. And enough till you feel enough. it will make your body flexible and. With this help, your body starts losing weight rapidly. this Yoga is called Prasarita Padottanasana.

Ardha Navasana ( Pose in half boat )

Ardha Navasana is a great yoga for weight loss. Because it works directly on the Tommy and tries to compress your tummy. when you going in the half boat pose you muscles of abs feel the stretch. Sit on the floor and keep up your leg and try to put your hand under your legs in the air. and raise your hand parallel to the ground and stop when you feel comfortable enough.

And if you feel that this Yoga is too easy. And you don,t feel any Effect then try to make the distance between your feet and chest. Make your knee far away from your chest. if you are doing it the right way then your abs start feeling burning. And hold it for 30 seconds. And if you feel comfortable in this pose. Try to long your leg and stay away from your chest. This pose is called full boat pose.

Vasisthasana ( plank in one side )

Planks are really amazing for weight loss. And the best plank for weight loss is one side plank. In this plank, you need to bent in one side on your hand and another hand will be in the air. And you need to try not to bent your hand. Planks are really great for abs. Begin regular plank and then come on one hand. Make your shoulder wide apart from another shoulder. And make your toe together on the mat.

Tilt yu body right that you the left leg touch the mat. and your right foot will be on the left foot. and then try to swift you weight on your right hand. Then You can easily remove your left hand from the ground. and now lift your left arm towards the ceiling fan. Make sure your hip and shoulder will be stacked in this posture. and then stay in this pose for 30 seconds again change the side and repeat it.

Vriksasana ( Position in a tree )

You think that it is very easy to do tree pose. But in reality, that’s too hard to balance on this pose. in this pose, you need to stand upon your one leg and put another leg on the knee of the first leg. And join your hand. You need to make straight you back. And now lift your hand toward the ceiling fan. and hold this pose for 30 seconds then change the leg.



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