What is Hydroponic Growing Systems

Best Growing Hydroponic Plants

Hydroponics is one of the categories of hydroculture. It entails the growing of plants in a soil less medium, or an aquatic based environment. Instead of soil, hydroponic growing uses mineral nutrient solutions found in the water to feed the plants.

In the past, growing fruits, vegetables or simply plants depended on weather and other outer conditions but not anymore. Thanks to the hydroponic growing, now we can grow anything any time. There are no limits to enjoying our favorite hobby.

Types of Hydroponic systems

The most known type of hydroponics is when plants are grown with their roots suspended directly into water with no growing medium. In hydroponic gardening this method is called N.F.T. (nutrient film technique /advanced hydroponic growing techniques). In addition to above mentioned, there are many other variation of hydroponic gardening.If you need advice, visit Hydroponic Store Van Nuys!

Wicks system hydroponics

The Wick system is considered the simplest type of hydroponic gardening. It is a passive system, which means there are no moving parts. From the bottom reservoir, the Growth Technology nutrient solution is drawn up through a number of wicks into the growing medium. You can use all different kinds of mediums such as perlite, soil or coco for this system.

Water culture

Unlike the Wicks system, Water culture is an active system with moving parts and it is simple too. The roots of the plant are totally immersed in the water which contains the specific Growth Technology nutrient solutions. It also contains an air pump, which with help oxygenate the water and allow the roots to breathe.

This hydroponic system works by temporarily flooding the grow tray. The nutrient solution from a reservoir surrounds the roots before draining back. This is not a manual action, it is usually automated with a water pump on a timer.

Drip System (recovery or non-recovery)

Another widely used hydroponic method is the Dip system. Here is how it works.The timer control the water pump, which pumps water and whatever Growth Technology nutrient solutions you picked through a network of elevated water jets. The recovery system then collectsthe remaining nutrient solution and sends it back to the reservoir. A non-recovery drip system skips this part by allowing the pH of the reservoir not to change.

NFT hydroponic growing System: active system growth technology

As we already mentioned, everyone who is interested in hydroponic gardening prefers the N.F.T. system. Nutrient Film Technique allows the Growth Technology nutrient solution to flow regularly without a timer. The solution is pumped from a reservoir into the growing tray, which doesn’t require growing medium. The roots receive the necessary nutrients from the flowing solution. The downward flow pours back into the reservoir and it can be used again for another cycle. You are going to need a pump and electric maintenance to avoid system failure because if the flow stops, the roots will dry out really quickly.

Aeroponic System

Similar to N.F.T in the Aeroponic systems the growing medium is air. However, unlike N.F.T. it is more high-tech and sophisticated.

The roots hang in the air and are misted with the nutrient solution every few minutes. The misting cycles have to be constant, otherwise theroots will dry out.

Aeroponic system also uses a timer to control the short cycle runs of the nutrient pump.

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