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In recent years, the incidence of depression has become more and more, and in general, if you suffer from depression, you should pay attention to treatment in your daily life, and you can also adjust it well in your daily life. Go to everyone to treat depression. So how can we treat depression well?

Psychological adjustment. Psychological regulation is very important for people, because for patients with depression, if you can’t pay attention to psychological conditioning in your daily life, the symptoms of depression will become more and more serious. Everyone should pay attention to the psychological adjustment in daily life, and let them stay away from the highly nervous brain environment. This will make everyone stay away from psychological problems and return to a healthy state as soon as possible.

Cultivating self-confidence is also very important for patients with depression, because many patients in a group will have a certain self-evaluation problem after they are sick, so everyone should pay attention to self-confidence in daily life. The cultivation, so that you become more heated to love yourself, and away from the psychological impact of bad self-confidence so that depression can get a certain treatment.

Learn to be active. Active is a very good treatment for many people. Because people are very likely to have various bad emotions and things that make people feel unhappy in their daily lives, so you should cultivate your emotions at this time and make yourself more positive and optimistic. The disease will become happier.

In fact, there are many ways to treat depression. As long as you pay more attention to your daily life, you can help everyone treat depression. If you want to stay away from depression as soon as possible, you should pay more attention to your mood. Let yourself get treatment as soon as possible in a good attitude. If you find that your depression is very serious, you can use medication to treat it.

First of all, smoking is harmful to health. And the question is how to quit smoking? This is an indisputable fact, but it is not absolute. For example, the old grandfather who smoked has smoked 50-60 years, but his body has nothing to do, and he has no lung cancer. Waqas Ahmed, only in his 20s, does not smoke, does not drink alcohol, does not swear, does not stay up late, then he dies, and later inquired, it turned out to be what cancer.

But the following three small tests, if you can’t finish, you must consider quitting smoking:

Test 1: Helium for 30 seconds

After inhaling a deep breath, it can be suffocated for 30 seconds, indicating that the heart and lung function is very good. It is also good to be able to suffocate for more than 20 seconds.

Test 2: Blowing firewood

Ignite a match and try to blow it. If it is blown away from the mouth by 15 cm, it indicates that there is a problem with the lung function. If the distance is 5 cm, it will not blow out, indicating that the lung function is very poor, such as emphysema patients.

Test 3: Measuring pulse

Run for a while, let the pulse increase to 100-120 times per minute. After stopping the activity, if you can return to normal 60-100 times in 5-6 minutes, the cardiopulmonary function is normal.

Although smoking is harmful, there are actually many ways to minimize the risk of smoking:

One: throw away after two-thirds of the pumping

Because the filter cigarettes are getting more poisonous in the end. It can be seen from the yellowing of the smoke filter.

Two: Do not wake up in the morning, smoke after meals

After waking up in the morning, after a night’s rest, most of the tissues and organs of the body have a low metabolic capacity, and immediately smoking a cigarette will affect the discharge of carbon dioxide;

After eating, the various organs of the body begin to be excited, the gastrointestinal motility is strengthened, and the blood circulation is accelerated. According to relevant experts, a cigarette is smoked after a meal, which is greater than the amount of poisoning of ten cigarettes;

Three: Do not smoke while drinking and in the toilet

It is not advisable to smoke while drinking alcohol. Nicotine is dissolved in alcohol. The smoke will quickly enter the bloodstream with alcohol, so that the concentration of nicotine in the blood is higher than that of non-drinking, which brings more harm to the human body;

Some people also like to smoke a cigarette when they go to the toilet. As everyone knows, because the oxygen content in the toilet is relatively insufficient, and the smoke emits a lot of smoke, the oxygen content is even rarer. When people inhale this turbid gas, they will feel dizzy. Patients with coronary heart disease who smoke in the toilet can also induce angina pectoris. Patients with chronic bronchitis can cause acute attacks.

Four: Do not breathe the same cigarette repeatedly

Do not take half of the annihilation and then pump this one, so that if the combustion is not enough, it will become carbonized smoke, and the carbonized part will accumulate more tar and harmful substances;

Old smoker, teach you “washing the lungs” 5 major methods:

One: selenium “washing the lungs” method:

In smokers, the amount of selenium in the blood of the body will decrease, and selenium is a trace element for cancer prevention. If the body lacks selenium, the incidence of cancer will increase greatly. So, it should be added in time

Common foods: sesame, malt, garlic, eggs, yeast, animal liver, kidneys, etc.

Two: Vitamin “washing the lungs” method:

Long-term smoking can cause rapid consumption of antioxidants and vitamins in the body, and the body’s oxidizing substances will increase. If you can’t add vitamins in time, it will cause peroxidation. People who smoke should pay attention to supplement anti-oxidant vitamins, such as carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E, etc., especially vitamin C.

Three: Drinking tea “washing the lungs” method:

During smoking, some compounds in the smoke cause thickening of the intima of the arteries, a decrease in the amount of gastric acid secretion, and an increase in blood sugar. Drinking more tea can prevent these compounds from staying in the body, because tea polyphenols, caffeine, vitamin C and other ingredients can decompose these toxic substances. At the same time, tea has the effect of diuretic, which can help promote the discharge of toxic substances.

Four: low cholesterol “washing the lungs” method:

Smoking causes an increase in the amount of cholesterol and fat deposits in the blood vessels, and a decrease in blood supply to the brain, which tends to cause brain atrophy and accelerate the aging of the brain. Therefore, in order to avoid the accumulation of cholesterol and fat in the body, it is best to eat less fat containing fatty acids, eat more foods that can reduce or inhibit cholesterol synthesis, such as beef, fish, soy products and high-fiber foods.

Five: Alkaline “washing the lungs” method:

The nicotine component of cigarettes is very harmful to the human body. When the human body fluid is alkaline, the absorption of nicotine can be reduced. Eat more alkaline foods such as fruits, vegetables, and soybeans, which can effectively reduce the absorption rate of nicotine. At the same time, these alkaline foods can also stimulate the secretion of gastric acid, increase the motility of the stomach, and avoid symptoms such as indigestion and bloating.



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