6 Authentic Ways of Making Money Online

Did you know there’re actually plenty of ways you can make money online from home?

I mean ways to make “Real Money” and “Real Jobs” that come into your real life, just except skeptical pyramid schemes or shady fraudulent scams and all the black hats that we all have to stay far away from.

There, for sure, a lot of ways of making money online from home out there on the internet if you carefully look into to find “the authentic ones”, which you can expect to fairly earn money from as much effort or time as you put in.

That’s what I’d like to share with you guys today, the 6 authentic ways of making money online.

The range of expected income would be diversified, like from a part-time level to full-time income just depending on how much time you invest in, or how professionally you approach it.

It can be just chosen and done at your desired level of income or conditionally suitable job that fits your preference, time and circumstance.

So let’s begin the journey of 6 authentic ways of making money online at home


Blogging is the most well-known method to make money online at home for many people since the internet came closely into our lives.

There’re truly plenty of ways to earn money part-time, part-time income level to full time, or even to more than what most of the folk earn from their regular office jobs.

Actually the gap of income between newbies or hobbyist and established bloggers are hugely diversified though, it’s never hard to find ones who consistently take care of their blog over time,
and make good side income from it like $1,000 or higher a month. (Of course, there’re tons of power bloggers earning more than $ 5,000 to over $10,000 as their monthly income, but let’s take it to them exceptional just for now because it’s really a long way to go if you’re a naked beginner.)

The primary ways of how to make money blogging are mainly 4 as following:

  1. Traffic Monetization using an ad network e.g., Google Adsense: The more visitors to your site, the higher the income you would earn.
    Online traffic is the main way how you make money blogging in which you will get paid for every click made by your visitors or even every impression of displayed ads seen to people on your site.
  2. Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate products would be a way of your income sources too when you have a blog.
    By reviewing or doing a presentation on affiliate products, you can convert your audience to purchase affiliate products posted on your site and get paid commission.
    Amazon Affiliate, Clickbank, ShareASale are the most well-known examples.
  3. Selling Ad Space: It’s also a way of monetizing your blog in partnership with a private business/advertiser.
    The way how it works is just simply that it’s kind of leasing some piece of the space on your site to the advertiser so they can put their own banners right there and promoting it to your audience. Ad Sales are usually done with a contract with a fixed rate of payment, so you could earn a stable income in this way.
  4. Selling your own contents or services: E-Book or online courses or any services that are needed and can provide good value to your audience according to the niche can be also salable through your blog.
    This is actually the most recommended way by many seasoned marketers and bloggers for the biggest profit-making than the other 3.

Affiliate Marketing

Mentioned earlier, but to dig in more, Affiliate Marketing is a favorite way that people out there online love to make money online.

The concept of affiliate marketing is actually way simple: Promote someone else’s products(vendors’) to your friends or people you know, or the audience of your own community.

This marketing technique is usually attached with an own website or blog though, there’re also ways of doing affiliate marketing without them; Social media, related forum sites or Youtube are 3 awesome ways you can earn a decent income without of Affiliate marketing.

By the way, for beginners, I’d recommend using an affiliate network where you can start dealing with various kinds of affiliate products just in one place conveniently.

Freelance Jobs

It’s pretty much of anything you’re good at to be able to perform and earn money for your work done.

As the typical categories of freelancing are roughly designed jobs(web/graphic design etc), online marketing jobs, social media page/account management, VA(Virtual Assistant),
Writing, Data entry jobs, and translation.

It’s various kinds of jobs you can try out from professional jobs that need expertise to regular jobs that literally anybody can do.,,, are famous freelance marketplaces for people to start out their freelance lives.

Paid surveys

I assume there’re some bunch of people who don’t believe in the paid survey to make actual money. However, I’d like to say “Yes, it works.”

First of all, I’d like to make it clarified: “Skip this part if you are someone just looking for big dough rather than pocket money“.

I personally do pay survey from time to time. It’s a kind of fun to me when I find nothing to do, just sitting at my laptop or just want to kill some of my time.

I do this job and get paid around $10 to $20 a month. Well, not too bad to me just taking a few minutes of your time and get $1 or slightly lessor/higher per survey. And all go covering my Netflix monthly fee and other small things to regularly purchase.

I know there’re lots of people who tried out paid surveys and left soon, being tired of no invites at all for valid surveys. Yeah, I know that could be kind of annoying and unmeaningful for giving it your precious time if you get nothing from it.

But you know what? The easiest way to getting invited more and earning more money from paid surveys is find your right survey sites that actively serve in your region.

If you join and do one that doesn’t provide surveys and researches to your exact location, then it’s all in vain. So that’s the first thing for you to make sure: to find a survey site working in your region.

Sell photos on your mobile phone

If you first come up with the idea like professional artistic photography or think it’s only in pro’s area, then I would say “No, it’s not like what you think.”

Let’s just skip such pro’s things, because this article is just for the common people just like you and me and jack and john next door or upstairs!

I know you would be actually surprised when I’m telling you-you can even sell your smartphone photos like $5 per every single purchase and download.

Yes, it’s true, you can even monetize the sleeping photos of yours inside your smartphone. Silly pics, funny pics, an amazing landscape in the hill behind your house pretty much of all can turn into real life money in smartphone stock photo marketplaces.

It also could turn in to your great passive income source when you get a load of pictures uploaded on such marketplaces and being kept selling while you’re asleep.

Drop Shipping

Drop Shipping has been a popular way of making money online since a recent couple of years. Drop Shipping is really able to make your starting own online shop easier even if you don’t have enough capital to start in the E-Commerce business.

It’s very possible to start out your online store without a load of investment just as small as tens of dollars, using the Drop Shipping method because it doesn’t need you to buy goods and stock them in advance, however you’re kind of a seller only dedicated to promoting and selling what you want without keeping all the stocks in your storage.

But just a website is only the thing you should prepare, where you should showcase the images of items with your own price tag (put some margin).

When your product is purchased, you can simply order the purchased item from your drop shipper(vendor) at lower prices and your drop shipper will do all the rest, packaging, shipping to your customers and all other things. So that really makes you able to concentrate only on promoting and selling your products and managing your website, staying away from annoying processes or tons of tasks followed up in merchandise procedure.

There’re some downside and weakness of this model of business though (such as the difficulty of stock management since it’s remotely done and etc.), it’s still the best for newbie e-commerce businessmen or people who want to start own small part time business without capital.



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