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Tummy Tuck Surgery – Get Six Packs without Exercise

Many people fail to reduce fat on their waist even after continuous efforts like exercise and diet control. No amount of such measures helps them have control over their mid-section fat. For such people, a bigger tummy becomes a source of a host of many health risks. They can even damage their health to the larger extent if timely measures are not taken. For most such patients tummy tucks surgery is considered as the best and proven solution.

Tummy tuck surgery helps get you back to your youthful shape. The excessive fat from your midsection is finally removed to bring back your waistline to normal. But the surgery is not just about the reduction of stubborn fat. It is also a way of firming and toning your waistline. You get the flat and toned tummy that you were longing for since your younger days. Many women develop a fat tummy after they give birth to children. The surgery is a right solution to get back in the shape.

Tummy tuck surgery before and after


Why do you get undesirable waistline?

There are many reasons people accumulate fat in the midsection. Generally, the fat does not go even by adopting a healthy lifestyle alone. Many factors that are not under your control contribute to the problem. If your parents suffered from the same problem, then you are carrying the hereditary traits.

As we grow older, our body produces lesser elastin and collagen, which are the proteins that keep our skin health. Your abdominal skin becomes less elastic as you grow older. This means that your skin fails to come back to its original thin shape. Pregnancy also weakens your abdominal muscles. This condition is called as diastasis recti, making your stomach bulge. These and other factors are beyond your control.

Advantages of the surgery

Abdominoplasty, or a tummy tuck, surgery removes excess fat from your midsection and brings back you to the shape. It is a cosmetic surgery procedure designed to give you the youthful body shape. Apart from the minute tummy tuck surgery side effects, it has tremendous benefits.

The surgery removes the fat that otherwise does not go away from your waist. It can also correct your sagging abdominal skin and tightens it up. When required, the surgery also is a great help in repairing the separated stomach muscles.

The surgery procedure

Tummy tucks surgery procedure does not require the patient to stay overnight in a hospital. The surgery is an outpatient procedure. It takes about three hours to complete the surgery, depending on a patient’s specific condition and surgical requirements. If liposuction is needed, the surgeon will first remove the excessive fat. This means that the surgical procedure will take more time to complete. In case, abdominal muscles are to be repaired, the surgery will be a lengthier procedure.

General anesthesia

First, a certified anesthesiologist will administer general anesthesia to the patient. The patient will not feel anything and the surgeon performs the procedures smoothly.

Precise incision

The surgeon will make an incision across the pubic area. The incision is horizontal and extends from one hipbone to the other. But the incision is never too long. The surgeon will also make sure that the scar of the incision is at a place that remains invisible to the people when you show your bikini or underwear.

Repairing the muscles

Next, the surgeon will separate the tissues from the muscles in order to repair your abdominal muscles. The surgeon will make some internal stitches in your stomach muscles.  These stitches are crucial to holding your muscles together in a tightened position. But if the muscle repairing is not required, Abdominoplasty surgery in Delhi (tummy tuck surgery in Delhi) will skip this procedure.

Tightening of skin

The surgeon will, then, rejoin the muscles and tissues to tighten the loose skin. The loose skin is removed. Your navel location is also aligned with your new abdominal contour. But the surgeon makes sure that the amount of skin tightening is precisely measured as per the specific requirements of a patient.

The incision closing

As the last step, the surgeon closes the incision and dresses the area with bandages. Only a minor horizontal scar will be left around your belly button but the scar will not be less visible. The patient goes home the same day.

Finally, you are on your way to get your six packs through the surgery without exercising.



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