Top Hairstyles For A Cleaner Look

When it comes to hairstyles, more often than not, we are looking for something classic and cleaner to flaunt in our day to day routine. One hairstyling option that is known for both its clean looks and classic vibes is a combination of long top and short sides which is so versatile in itself that you can achieve all sorts of unique looks by styling your hair this way. There are a lot of options available that can actually make your hairstyles look completely yours as you can always customize them to your own liking. While the sides are short, you can get creative with the hair on top and style them in a lot of different looks, textures, colors, and layers in order to have something that suits your face shape and hair type. And, as we typically have a combination of short and long hair, these hairstyles can be made to serve in casual as well as professional environments.

Before we share some of the top hairstyles for a cleaner look, you may want to check out for some other casual and professional hairstyles out there. You can find all sorts of different options from short hairstyles to the long ones. But if you want to spare a moment for that later, let’s dive straight into our list of long top and short side’s hairstyles.

1. Edgy Top With Short Sides

Slightly casual but more professional and cleaner in nature, this beautiful hairstyle can work in all sorts of different environments while giving you a unique sense of style. The look can be achieved with medium-length hair on top that is given a comb-over look by simply finger combing it. Remember to achieve this style on naturally straight hair or use the flat iron to straighten it. Some mousse or gel can be used for keeping the look intact. Sides, obviously, have a short and faded look which complements the hair on top rather nicely.

2. Curly Faux Hawk Hairstyle

Now, this one is more of a casual look that can be achieved with medium length curly hair on top. For achieving volume, texture and some real character, just let the long-to-medium curls on the top run freely and tame the sides shorter to achieve a perfect vibe. Even though we have a cleaner look on the sides, the top hair dominates this hairstyle and makes it something for casual events like parties and hangouts. The wonderful contrast between long and short hair will definitely give you a stylish look no matter what you wear to complement.

3. Modern Bowl Hairstyles

Bowl hairstyles are still relevant today. The hairstyle looks exceptionally wonderful on anyone with well-defined facial features. More specifically, you should have bangs in front which taper gradually going towards the back into the shorter cut hair at the back. Furthermore, a brilliant contrast can be achieved by letting the hair overhang buzzed undercut as well.


4. Slicked Back Hairstyle With Long Top And Short Sides

A slicked back look is just perfect for professionals and it comes with some cool styling options as well. You can also make long top and short sides hairstyles to take the slicked back shape. Just give a professional makeover to the hair that you have grown long on top with the help of some gel and slick it all nicely backward. The hairstyle is quite versatile and you can lay it flat over the head in whatever way you like. Just rub some gel on your palm and run your fingers through the hair making it go all the way back to achieve desired texture. The sides are, obviously, tamed into a short faded look that works perfectly fine with the hairstyle. It must be matched with flared jeans.

5. Side-Parted Pompadour

Pompadours really make for one of the best and stylish professional looks for men and they’re also a combination of long top and short sides as well. When it comes to side-pated pompadour hairstyle, it features neatly styled and gelled hair on top that is slicked nicely over to a side. This makes the pomp look more prominent and you may even choose to buzz it in for having an even sharper effect. There’s a subtle fade underneath the pomp that makes it look cleaner and perfectly styled pro haircut.

6. Long Top With Bangs

This is one of the coolest casual looks we have on the list. Bangs are always a wonderful way of letting your face look more in proportion. Regardless of what length you have on top, this look can be achieved by letting some extra length of hair to simply hang over the forehead. You can cut your bangs into beautiful layers, tapered angle, or just leave them very straight to have an edgy appeal. Overall, they really look awesome.

7. Casual Side Parted And Side Swept Hairstyle

Yes, it is another casual hairstyle but it still has a cleaner touch to it. Still, it’s a hairstyle for those who intend to have a more casual look. The shorter sides go against that length you have on top and that’s exactly where you get a bit of cleaner touch to the look. You can simply achieve the look by parting it from a side and using some gel as well as hairspray to give it a side-swept look that stays intact for long.

8. Disconnected Undercut

This one is a perfectly clean look to achieve that has some cool vibe to it. Undercut refers to hairstyles where we have very short, almost shaved, hair on the sides and it’s all leveled up nicely. They have been able to get a lot of fame over the years and there’s no stopping to it yet. You can have a perfectly clean look by adding a sharp contrast to short buzzed up sides with soft, light and beautiful locks on top. The disconnected look can be achieved by not letting the top hair to blend seamlessly into the shorter sides. You’ll have a dramatic look to flaunt if you choose to go with this one.

9. Tapered Pompadour

This is another cool variation of the popular pompadour hairstyle and it is known to create a perfectly unique vibe. The hairstyle boasts of longer strands in front while there’s shorter length towards the back. The beautiful pomp look will effortlessly cascade down from top of the head. You can leave some volume at the front and it will flatter the features as your pomp moves away from your face. It’s gorgeous, elegant and classic to say the least.

10. Long Brushed Over Hairstyle With Short Sides

Though not the best look for professional settings, still this one qualifies for a cleaner look. The hairstyle looks cool with straight, curly or wavy hair and can be achieved by grabbing a comb and some gel to bring all the hair to a side and letting the gel to hold it into its place. The sides are kept really short and they make for a perfect vibe contrasting nicely with the long brushed over hair on top.

11. Clean Cut Hairstyle

When we talk about clean-cut hairstyle, it’s yet another disconnected undercut which features long hair on top and short hair on the sides. The top hair is combed back nicely and gelled up to hold its place while the sides are disconnected and given a perfect undercut to achieve the look. You can also get creative with the look if you want to by combing top hair to a side rather than taking it towards the back. Overall, it really gives a professional and tidy look.

12. Unformed Pompadour

Just as the name suggests, it’s a pompadour but it’s an unformed version of the hairstyle which means it’s not exactly the cleanest of looks that we have discussed above. Nevertheless, it’s pretty much similar to a conventional pompadour and the only difference is that it’s not styled so smoothly. Rather, we have more of a tousled look at the hand that is achieved by straightening the top hair and gelling it up into pieces. But for those with naturally straight hair, you don’t have to put in as much effort.

13. Flat Pompadour With Side Part

 This is yet another cool variation of the pompadour look that is cleaner than anything else. The side part is defined even better with that hard parted look while the pomp is fattened up by sacrificing some of the volumes and laying it in flat position across the head. Some gel may be needed for achieving the look. The variation actually makes the classic style look a bit more modern.

14. Brushed Back Heavily Gelled Hairstyle

Brushed back hairstyles look really awesome when styled with a nice side part. It gives you more of a professional look and can work perfectly for formal events. The brushed back look with a heavy layer of gel applied to it will certainly make for a hip vibe and you it will look so cool on you. You can also create a textured look after applying the gel as you comb it backward. The sides have a clean faded look as well.

15. Angled Pompadour With Short Sides

This one gives you another cool variation of the typical pompadour hairstyle. The angled pomp makes it a bit more contemporary. There is a lot of volume on top while you keep it into place with a bit of mousse. Push the pomp over at a certain angle from one side so that it gets a distinct and wonderful look. The sides are kept short as usual and you have something really cool to flaunt.

So, these are some of the top hairstyles that you can try this season for a perfectly clean look. If you have the creative sense, you can try something different with these beautiful hairstyles and create a unique look of your own. Just make a pick and go for it!



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