Top 7 Halloween Gifts to Give Your Cute Friends!

Halloween is a fun festival that people around the world celebrates. Like other festivals, here also people meet and greet each other with gifts. As this is a fun festival, you like to spend this festival with friends and the same age cousins as well. When you are out with your friends, you are spending a lot of quality time with them. Sometimes, this is the only time you spend with your friends in the year. So, a gift to make the meeting remarkable is very important.

Here are top 7 Halloween gifts for your cute friends.

  • Halloween Muddy Buddies Gift

Muddy buddies’ gift box or bottle is full of flavor mints. When you are spending light time with friends, it is best to have mint gums with you. The mints are very easy to make. Pour your chax in a large bowl and melt the white chocolate in a smaller bowl. Wait till the white chocolate melts completely. Then pour it over the bowl of rice- cereal and mix in an even manner. Then slowly mix the peppermint extract with powdered sugar and mix them well. Then chop the mint mold into small pieces. Adding six lets and eyeballs will make it more enjoyable. The Frankenstein label will add the perfect touch of Halloween to it.

  • Batty Gift

Halloween is all about spookiness. When you speak of spooky, the very first thing comes to mind is bats. Bats are the symbol of mystery and the perfect mascot for Halloween. How about sending some batty gifts to your friends for this occasion of Halloween? First, have a black curve-able pumpkin and cut a part of it in bat-mouth shape. Draw eyes and ears to make it look more like bats. Make the wings from black card-stock and stick them in proper places on the pumpkin. In the same manner, make the fangs from the white cardboard and stick them. Through the pumpkin bat-mouth, insert the gifts and candies you want to gift to your friends.

  • Candy Pumpkin Treat Cups

A candy cup for the occasion of Halloween as a gift to friends is an amazing choice. The mood in Halloween is all about fun and laughter. Candies bring more color to such hearty celebrations. All you need is a few numbers of orange cups and transparent wrapper with green ribbons. As the cup, you have chosen is orange, so it will be best to fill it with orange candies. The candy list might include pumpkins and orange slices. Jelly beans will also go well. Do have cellophane bags to put the wrapped cups inside them and tie them with those green ribbons. As it is a Halloween occasion gift, Halloween tag can make it more perfect. You can use Halloween Basket with pumpkin treat cups to add some fun on your gift giving to the friend.

  • Monster Cupcakes

Cupcakes and parties go hand in hand in any occasion. Halloween is of no exception. But you need to have scary cupcakes to match it with the occasion. There are two options. One you can make one monster size cupcake with putting a number of cupcakes making a bigger one. Or you can choose monster topping design with rich crème on the cupcakes. Adam and scarecrow are two most popular choice of topping design for such cakes. You can also go for spider-nets and hanging bats designs to make your cupcakes monstrous.

  • Batty Party Favors

Batty party candy bar is the exact and ideal choice of gifts for Halloween. This is a very cool and easy thing to make. All you need is some black wrapping papers and white strings to tie. Cut them in rectangular shapes and put inside the candies. Then tie them with the strings. You can put inside any flavor candy you want to and that goes well with the Halloween theme. On those black wrappers make face with chalk or whiteners. Make sure they look like small bats with feasts inside. With such candies, your Halloween theme party will just rock.

  • Doughnut Spiders

If you are planning to have a donut blast on your Halloween party, this is the best way to make it spooky. You can make spider designs in webs on the topping of the donuts. The chocolate criss-cross design upon the donuts looks perfect as the spider web. Such a creepy donut will enhance the essence of your party. Having a spider donut with creepy dressed buddies can give you the best time of your life.

  • Tin Can Ghosts

Tin cans full of ghost candies are perfect for this goofy occasion. All you need is small transparent cans with Halloween tags on them. Inside such cans insert candies of various flavors. To make it match with the festival, you can have those in ghost shapes. Ghost candies and pretzels are a big combination to make your Halloween party a blast. These cans full of ghost candies can be appreciation or thank gifts for all your guests. They would love to receive such a quality gift from you at the end of the party. This will make your hosted Halloween party the best one ever. Your friends will die to come to this party every year. And this is where the success of your party lies.

Since it is a fun festival, let’s celebrate it with joy which brings a lot of happiness to our friends. So gift your friend in this occasion of fun and create the magic. Halloween comes once in a year. With these ideas of gift for the party, you can make your friends wish for it to go on and on.



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