TIPS For Post Hacked Computer Recovery

#01 What to do after your computer is hacked to near destruction

Looking at my Windows 10 system machine I could almost see the worms racing through the screen, trojans smashing the innards, and keyloggers recording everything with a sadistic smirk. Sigh.

How did they get there – I let them in, believe it or not. I allowed criminals access to the machine, and, as they say, I was fair game from then, on. Well, I tried everything available – ran Bitdefender Total Security, found a bit, but the problems were still there.

Ran Malwarebytes Anti-malware, got some results, but problems continued, so ran again in “safe mode”.Due to high trash and stinking stuff ran a Malwarebytes anti-rootkit run on safe mode bang it got the better result. for assistance checked Microsoft website it was directed to endorsed engineers of Microsoft for negotiated free to help understanding how bad the damage was to the system. Yes, I sat on my hands and did a silent scream!

#02 Backing up your data

The answer was to completely replace the Windows 10 O/S, so after some frantic backing up of stuff I really wanted to keep, it was time to pull the plug.

On a side note, it always amazes me that even though I do regular backups, there is always stuff I really need but had not included in the backups – little stuff like the desktop file with all those program references.

First, make sure your machine is connected to the internet. Regardless of all the bumph that Microsoft offers as for how to start, I had to hold down the shift key (keep it down, while the computer restarts), and use the mouse to click on power/restart.

  1. OK, now I have the start screen: “Choose an option”.
  2. Choose the option “Troubleshoot”
  3. Clicking on “Troubleshoot” gives you an option.
  4. Click “Reset this PC” and you have another option:
  5. Clicking; “Just remove my files” will remove all of your files and re-install a fresh Windows O/S
  6. But there is another choice, here: Click “Remove everything”, and you get the final set-up screen:
  7. Reset this PC
  8. Yes, the moment has arrived;- click “Clean the drive fully”!

#03 Reinstalling OS

Now the system will clean the disk data, reinstall Windows 10 (in this case) and prepare the computer for you to begin the task of reinstalling all your programs and data files. Just take a careful look at anything you are going to re-install – do I need it, or better still, what is it – maybe a foreigner?

There will be a number of images to indicate progress. You will have plenty of time to think about the programs you may or may not want – the system reinstall will take a while, and your machine will restart more than once or twice.

Unfortunately, certain unsupported hardware component and software which can lead system to get back previously run then stop suddenly the updates to  this has meant many people experiencing disrupted service with their PC’s (typically due to the way in which the latest update provides a significant amount of performance upgrades for the system And, characteristically, Microsoft have not really been very forthcoming with solutions.

The answer/solution is actually rather simple. Get rid of ANY older software/hardware which might be causing problems for the system. This includes the likes of antivirus/firewalls AND drivers.

OK, good luck with your future efforts. If you find these instructions do not work for your system or brand of the computer then I suggest you search the web to discover what works for you.

Just remember, don’t trust anyone who approaches you unbidden, don’t let anyone have access to your machine except those who you have good reason to trust, and make sure you have protection in place as well as a regular backup system. All good practices to help ensure you don’t need to do computer recovery again.

Final word:

Latest lessons learned have been challenging, to say the least. The actions of a bunch of hackers and criminals with no morals concerning one’s personal property containing the work of a lifetime on the Internet gives pause for reflection. My own experience is making mistakes and learning from it.



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