Few Things to Keep in Mind if You Are a New Traveler

If you are planning to travel around the world all alone for the first time, then you must be stuck with an impulse of mixed emotions such as fear, lots of excitement and hope. Traveling is fun and a whole new experience if you come from a background where no-one loves traveling as much as you do then you might be a little scared to take the initiative. Here, we have compiled some of the tips and suggestion that you must keep in mind if you are traveling for the first time. Also now, as summer season has kicked in, people around the world living in hot areas have turned their vacation mode on.

Here are the guidelines for a new traveler.

Kick-out Your Fear

Well, first things first! We all know that traveling is a daunting task and its natural to get scared about it for the first time but always remember you are only one or the first person to do that, there are millions of people out there with the same spirit as yours. You aren’t going out to discover something new or big as a continent or a new country! So, just calm down, you are about to start the most exciting chapter of your life.

You are going to travel alone but always remember, there are a lot of people out in the world to help you out. All you need to do is pack your bags and get ready for the exciting package that your journey entails.

Travel Like a Tortoise!

We are always tight with those limited vacation deadline and we want to see it all at once. But hey! Wait! Just seeing those sites and rushing through multiple places wouldn’t really be counted as an experience. And yes, it is true, the real fun resides in taking it slow because without having the knowledge about the place wouldn’t add much to your travel experience.

Don’t Live by Your Guidebook

There is no denying that if you are traveling alone then guidebooks are your only real mentors because they are written and explained in a language that is easily understandable by you, but this way you are going to make your travel experience the same old-fashioned way.

If you want to make this experience, the best experience of your life, then be dauntless to take off-beat paths, its fun to get lost and ask local people to guide you about the path and also about the place.

Make friends with people and get their contact details

You will get along with many people while you are out on this endeavor of yours. And some of them will become your friends and might stay in your life forever. Make them your friends, take their contact information i.e, email, Facebook contact address or any social media or personal contact details.

Make friends with the people else you’ll regret it later when you would get back to your home sweet home.

Don’t Carry Too Much Stuff

It is always advised to carry the basic and necessary things only while you have to travel with a single bag pack. Try to keep it as minimal as you can, you will feel your travel journey a burden journey instead. If you need anything extra or of emergency then there are markets available out in the other countries. And it is also suggested to keep your shopping the least while you travel, never buy something which would need a fair amount of space in your bag.

Go with the Flow

When you travel alone, you might want to plan your every day with the timetables to follow. But wait! You are out here to get relieved from the stressful, busy and disciplined lives we already have back at our places. So, don’t stress out your travel journey with those timetables to follow and put some scope for flexible and immediate plans in your schedule. Just to ease out your timetable, plan one or two major activity every day and embrace the rest as it comes.

Get a Good Camera Phone Instead of Cameras

DSLRs are the best equipment to capture the memories from your travel experience. But the camera requires more battery, memory cards & extra space attention. So, it’s better to buy a good camera phone instead which will sort out your most of these issues and with a phone, you will always be able to update your recent travel pictures instantly on your social media accounts.

Above mentioned list is a compilation of certain suggestions and advice which you need to keep in mind if you are a new traveler. We hope you have liked our attempt.



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