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12 Types of Wedding Sweets of india for Indian Wedding

Indian weddings are a grand affair worldwide. But People in the western countries want to marry an Indian style wedding. People from every corner of the world want to try out sweets of India. And Not Only for Wedding They also look for sweets for Indian wedding reception they do here.

We, as Indians take pride in our variety of sweets of India. You can Buy online sweets in India for any occasion Just by searching Indian desserts names.M ost of the Indians look for traditional Indian sweets Diwali which is the most famous festival in India.
For Offline options Check out some banquets in Andheri, Delhi, wherever you are from, and ask them if they have their own caterers You can number of option for Traditional sweets of India.

Whichever catering service you go for, make sure they know how to make Indian desserts. Buying ice cream for desserts at the end of a wedding dinner is too cliched. Serve original Indian desserts to your guests.

Every State of India has Speciality in sweets likeIndiann sweet milk cake are famous from Alwar ,rajasthan Its an indian recipes with curdled milk.

Sweets Of India

There are two ways to get a wedding dessert item right. First, you go for the traditional Indian sweets for marriage purposes, like indian desserts jalebi, rasgullas, kaaju katli,  kesari, payasam (south indian sweets for marriage) or laddu. The second option is, you go for some kind of indian desserts with a twist. An indian wedding sweet ideas and with traditional indian sweet recipes For example, chocolate filled rasgulla or pumpkin spiced rabdi. Yes, they sound a little risky to pull off. That is why you need to hire the best caterers in town. They also Provide the good packaging and serving options just like you can get wedding sweet boxes india which are used to gift to a guest. Best caterers also provide an option for diabetic persons .so you can have special sweets for diabetics, recipes Indian especially by them.

It is good to get the desserts made by dessert specialists. That way, you will be spoilt for choice. The dessert specialists will show you a catalog that will confuse you as to which one to choose to leave every other option. You can easily pick three items from the menu. Maybe one very traditional, one very experimental, and one kulfi or firni type, for the cold lovers.

Here is a list of some wedding sweets that have proven to be a success at many Indian weddings in the last few months. These Indian sweet options are a fresh take on traditional sweets. Your guests will love the idea behind every new sweet.

Indian wedding Menu card Options | Indian Desserts List

Chai Ice Cream

Indians love tea. They will have tea at any given day of the year, any given time of the day. So you give them tea. But tea is not a very wedding dessert affair, is it? But ice cream is. So make tea ice cream. No, chai ice cream isn’t just frozen tea. Ice cream is made in the normal process, with cream and vanilla essence and all. The flavor added is from tea. So, for the tea-loving guests who would be too embarrassed to ask for a cup of tea at the end of the dinner, will still get tea. And everybody will still get a unique flavour of ice cream. Win win!

Beetroot Halwa (with sooji)

Gajar ka halwa is mainstream now. So you serve beetroot halwa. We have seen enough of orange coloured halwa. Some maroon is a welcome change. Unlike carrot halwa (indian dessert with carrots), beetroot halwa does use some sooji. You can make halwa just out of beet too, but keep it for the healthy mornings, not for a wedding sweet option. If you are not sure whether people will like a predominantly beetroot flavour in their dessert, you can go for a beetroot and carrot halwa. The taste will still be familiar but the colour will be much richer.

Mango Flavoured Kesar Kulfi

People love kesar kulfi, and people love mango. So, club these two together and you won’t need to serve two types of kulfi. You can throw in some pistachios as well, to make it a triple power kulfi.

Choco Lava Burfi

Once again, nothing new, chocolate burfi is a favorite. Children love it, and the kid in the adult loves it. If you want to add a twist to the plain old chocolate burfi, make it a choco lava burfi by adding some liquid chocolate inside. Your guests will never forget the wedding sweet if you can pull off choco lava burfi.

Carrot Halwa Macaroons

Most Indian sweets for marriage are too mainstream. So, we are trying to give you ideas that make your dessert unique and find the best sweets of india . Gajar ka halwa ka macaroons are probably the most innovative one on the list of sweets of inda. You can simply put gajar ka halwa inside or on top of plain macaroons, or go for carrot-flavored macaroons with cashew and raisin toppings.

Chocolate Coconut Burfi

A chocolate coconut burfi is ideal for any indian wedding food menu It upholds South Indian traditions of cooking and North Indian style of fusion. Its an indian recipes with coconut milk and coconut . It brings the chocolate from the West and styles it into the burfi from the East. This wedding sweet has a universal essence and guests will love it.

Firni Faaluda Mocktail

Everybody loves firni. But sometimes it is too mainstream. So, add some faaluda to it in layers in a tall glass. That is your firni faaluda mocktail right there. You can make a tiramisu style glass with a thick layer of firni followed by thin layers of coloured faaluda. Repeat this layering with three different colours of faaluda in between layers of a contrasting colour of firni. Say, the firni is yellow in colour, so the faaluda can be red, green, and orange. This wedding dessert will taste as good as it looks. Best suited for indian wedding reception menu.


If you want to let people know that you never do anything less than a royal affair, serve shrikhand along with other wedding sweets. Make sure the taste is perfect and the colour is rich. Good shrikhand will bag you compliments on the entire meal, from every guest. Nobody will forget the amazing wedding dessert served Its best suited for indian wedding dinner menu.

Shahi Tukda

It is tough to get shahi tukda right. The sweetness, the gooeyness, the crispiness, and the shape, everything has to be on point. So, if you are planning to serve shahi tukda at a wedding, make sure the caterers know how to make it. Ask for tasting and make sure they made it themselves, or got it made from the same people they will hire for the main event. Shahi tukda is the only shahi when it is perfect.

Gulab Jaamun also Known as indian desserts balls

Coming back to the basics, gulab jaamun is a sweet that even people who do not like sweets, love. If you don’t like gulab jaamun, it is because you haven’t had a good one yet. Gulab jaamun is a perfect Indian wedding sweet because it is spongy, has a very light flavour, thereby, making the best option in sweets to serve to people who are already stuffed with a lot from the wedding feast. You can also put this in indian wedding breakfast menu.

Kaaju Burfi

Kaaju burfi is again a very traditional Indian sweet. Everybody loves kaaju burfi. Add some pistachios and broken walnuts into the burfi to give it a richer taste. People will love the rich detail and your wedding feast will be a hit. A rich dessert sweet will create a good impression on the food.


Shaadi ka laddu, everybody should have it. Those who skip the sweets offered will definitely suffer letting go of a pure ghee, subtle flavoured laddu. Those who have laddu will suffer from wanting more.

Make sure you have enough of each type of dessert for everybody. Indians love sweets. You can have 2 to 3 types of sweets for marriage. Having just one makes you look like a miser. More importantly, what if some guests are allergic to an ingredient, or do not like the base in general? No matter how good a dessert is, it is always good to have at least two options with different ingredients and bases.

You can have a third option too, just to spoil your guests for choice. It is good to keep it to just three, in case you have too many left over pieces, or happen to exceed the food budget. The dessert makers must be experts in their field. Hire the best, have the best.



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