Why Studying in Australia is Better than Other Countries?

If you are planning to study overseas, Australia is the best option to pick. Many times, aspirants get confused between US, UK, and Australia, which is obvious. Let’s break the ice and make it clear why studying in Australia is better.

Australia welcomes the third largest number of international students after the US and the UK. The cost and standard of living, the student-friendly policies, and skill-based education are the USPs of Australia. This multicultural country is less expensive when compared to the USA and the UK and students are facilitated with paid internships while studying to release the financial burden. Therefore, more number of students prefers to study in Australia for bachelors or master’s degree.

According to the QS Higher Education System Strength Ranking 2018, Australia ranked third for its impressive higher education system. More than 37 Australian universities are featured in the global top 100 QS World University Rankings.

Multicultural Society

People from more than 200 countries have migrated to Australia making it one of the largest multicultural countries in the world. The presence of the multi-ethnic population makes the society friendlier and more harmonious. Australian values cultural diversity the international students bring to the society. The strict gun control laws and low crime rate provide a safe and sound environment to the students. Foreign students are voluntarily accepted by other students and teachers are well acquainted in mentoring students from other countries.

Exceptional research-oriented pedagogy

Australia offers exceptional research-based study environment to its students. The curriculum of each university is designed focusing on the future aspect of education. The teachers are well-trained and skilled in providing a world-class learning environment. They value each student equally and promote career-centered and skill-based education. It is one of the very strong reasons why international students choose Australia as their learning destination.

Cost of Living

When compared to the USA and the UK, Australia is quite light on the pocket. The cost of education and living in Australia is 40-60 percent less than the USA/UK based on the preferred location. This is a very strong reason why thousands of Indian students fly over to Australia every year. Students get value for money in the form of cost of living. The money conversion factor is cheaper in comparison to other countries.

Job Opportunities

Australian education is highly recommended by employers across the globe. A degree from an Australian university is highly portable and widely accepted. It is very easy for international students to get the work permit in Australia. Approx. 79 percent of students get a full-time job within three years of graduating. A study revealed 43% of the international students end up staying in Australia after the study for the better job opportunity. Nine out of ten international students are either working or decide to go for higher studies. Additionally, the universities in Australia provide career services in collaboration with the employers to the students. It is found that 70% of the graduates are satisfied with the career services and get booming opportunities.

Quality Assurance and Qualification Framework

The Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) is a government authorized system of learning that ensures quality education for international students. Almost all the courses and training programs are covered by AQF. This unique and strong framework is designed to provide a world-class education to the students recognized by employers across the world.

The national quality assurance system of Australia is meant for both students and their parents. It is established to provide an unparalleled level of service and financial support to them. The quality training framework is set up by the government to reinforce the quality assurance processes in the education system. The Australian government strives to provide complete protection to its international students through ESOS. Australia has committed itself to provide quality education to both national and international students.




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