You must have got an idea about our today’s topic. Today we will talk about that how can you enable skype push to talk. With an easy method which will work on every single platform, even you are Android, iOS, Mac, or Windows users the steps.

I will tell you will work on every single platform you have. But before enabling skype push to talk I think I should let you know what is skype and what is push to talk and how it works. I know many of you must have known about it already.

But still, there will be new guys which are not aware about it. Let’s go and gather me detail to increase your General Knowledge. 


Skype is serving more than 74 million peoples across all the world. Since 10 to 15 years. It is increasing their attractive features day by day. To let you know Skype is the very first social media application which provided voice or video call facility to their users. 90s kids must know about it.

And me new people will say that Facebook had this feature before Skype. To let them know when Skype launched. These two calling features that time even Facebook does not exist. On that time there was no WhatsApp or Facebook.

People used to send emails for conversation or peoples used to use Orkut. Orkut was the Facebook for peoples of that time. Skype is the first social media to provide you these two best features.

After skype every social media apps Started to add these two features in their apps. Technically they were just copying skypes idea. With skype you can call your friend for free, if he is on skype already. You can make voice or video call, clarity depends on the network speed you have.

You can also make a call to your friend even if he is not on Skype, or he is offline. But for that you have to buy Skype credits. After that you can call anyone and anywhere in the world. And they will not show your number.

And the number will change every time you make a call. Now again skype has released a new feature a few months ago. Which none other application did, this feature is push to talk. This is also known as PTT, and again, Skype is the first to have this new feature. Now other social media apps can add that feature too.


In today’s advanced society, you must have seen that the big organizers use walkie-talkies to talk to each other. Walkie talkie can connect a few peoples in a small circle.

Skype push to talk is also like walkie-talkie. But it can connect peoples from all over the world. If you ever wish to use walkie talkie but you could not have for any reason.

Then skype has that feature for you. To have your own walkie-talkie without even spending a penny on it. It will be a free walkie-talkie. In easy words, you can say that Skype push to talk is your personal big walkie-talkie.

That was push to talk and now I will tell you how exactly it works. In movies or functions, you must have seen them using walkie-talkie. They press the button when they want to say something and release the button when they finish talking.

By pressing a button, they unmute their microphone and by releasing it microphone gets mute again, that’s how it works. On your pc desktop or you can find it on Android apps, you can al select a key to mute or unmute your microphone.

When you enable your push to talk, they will ask you to select a key for it. Like as if you are using android, you can select volume up or down key. You can feel like that you are using the real walkie talkie. And desktop users can select space.

When they press it, their microphone will be enabled and when they release, the button it will be mute again. Now let me tell you how to enable it easily.

How to Enable Skype Push to Talk on Windows 10

  • Simply open your skype and click on tool option top of the Skype window.
  • Select option from drop-down menu.
  • Select advanced option from the bottom left side menu.
  • Click on hotkeys. And tap to mark on hotkeys enable.
  • Now you have a list of options.
  • Now go to bottom last you will see option toggle mute (push to talk)
  • Enable this option to enable your, Skype push to talk on Windows 10.

Now you are all ready to use that feature just mute yourself right after the call begin. And these steps will work for all platforms just follow the same steps if you are android, or mac, or windows. 


Today we talked about what is push to talk and how it works. And how to enable it on our platforms. And we let you know about it in easy detail. These steps are tested by me and working 100% on every platform



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