Reasons Of Side Pain While Pregnant

Pregnancy is very joyful, excited as well as painful time for the mother to be females. In pregnancy women, the body goes through many changes also hormones level fluctuates. Baby growing in the uterus needs space which causes pain. Most women experience left side pain during pregnancy first trimester, abdominal pain while pregnant second trimester or some experience side pains during pregnancy third trimester. It is normal to have tummy pain in pregnancy early stage. Women having lower abdominal pains while pregnant have right side pains while pregnant as well as left side pain while pregnant.

Most of the pregnant ladies want to know that whether the side pain while pregnant are normal? These abdominal pains when pregnant occurs are completely normal but the severe pain should not be avoided. You need to inform about it to your gynecologist if you felt severe pain. Pregnancy also causes many digestive issues and back pain along with the left side or right side pains during pregnancy or abdominal pain during pregnancy icd 10.

Common Cause of Side Pain While Pregnant

side pain while pregnant
side pain while pregnant


  • Growth of Fetus – Fetus growth is the common reason behind tummy pain in pregnancy early stages especially. The growing embryo occupies space in uterus thus causes side pain while pregnant and pelvic cramps.
  • Constipation – As pregnant ladies experience many digestive problems along which constipation is the common one. Constipation is also one of the reasons behind side pain while pregnant. To overcome this types of problem intake water, fruit juices like watermelon. Watermelon juice is very helpful for pregnant ladies. Consuming its juice can give you great relief from constipation and also from abdominal pains while pregnant.
  • Urinary tract Infections – UTI is also one of the common reason behind side pain while pregnant. Consume watermelon and Avocado fruit to recover Urinary tract infections naturally. Ectopic pregnancy also causes severe side pain while pregnant that need emergency treat don’t ignore it.





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