What are the Right Network Devices for Your Specific System in Networking?

The devices which transform some data from source to destination, such as Router, Switch, Hub, Booster, Bridge, Firewall and MLS (multilayer switch) etc.

The mentioned devices transform files to every individual PC (personal computer) which is the part of the system, during this sending process some numerous protocols get the action to help central devices, through which these devices send documents in the proper way, these devices play an essential role in networking. They preserve your data from broadcasting, burning and carpeted, it sends the required data to the definite place where it has so.

Through these devices you can create topologies, you can make LAN, (Local area site) WAN (wide area network) or any other sort of network, that is why it is known as central devices.

1. HUB

It is one central device, along which we can connect almost 8, 10, 40 computers, according to their ports it’s not intelligent so, that is why it is always broadcast mean whenever you send some documents from source to destination Hub will send that packets to every individual PC, which Is connected to the Hub.

Hub always take place base on IP address, (internet protocol) is a fundamental requirement of program topology, you have to assign the IP address to every solitary end device.

Regarding OSI RM model these devices hang on first Layer, (physical layer)

Hub cannot connect of/net devices. It is utilized only on for LAN in spite of WAN and metropolitan.

Hub is a half-duplex device, at a time only one laptop can convey files nor two or three or else collision will occur.


Generally, it is subtype of HUB, the function of this device is similar to hub, the range of TP cable is 100m, but if you increase the limit of this supplier range, then you have to put one more device, to maintain the speed of twisted pair cable, so whenever you wanted to extend LAN network into MAN, then you have to keep booster between this point, so that your network speed keeps well.

It is also used in the first layer according to the Ethernet ports, it is quite different than Hub.

It has a maximum 18 ports, it is also broadcast and half-duplex device, as only one PC can send some data at the same time.

It gets an action base on IP address. It does not have a console port for configuration. Rest of the method is similar to the Hub.

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The function of booster and Hub are much similar, they have difference only on the base of Ethernet ports, some of them have 6, 10, 18 Ethernet ports.

It is not intelligent much, it is used in a local area network, when you increase the local area network then you can utilize.

This device base on communication broadcast domain and on transmission mode it is half duplex nor full duplex.

It knows only internet protocol, not media access control.


Router is one of best gadget in the networking field, in line with the ongoing company of Cisco most of the people used router within their network service, people used it for the sake of safety, no doubt it secure any kind of network topology, one of its greatest function is that it can be set up. Nevertheless, people guide it which will work through that command or even method.

The router is a much expensive device which might not purchase in the marketplace easily, and yes it on account of its prudent function just, whichever it is suggested by you, which will obey your command certainly. This device has 4 ports enough, in which 2 are for fast Ethernet, and rest of the two are usually for serial cable by which another router can be linked. The router has console interface through which you can configure this, whilst through fast router plus Ethernet ports you may not get on.

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The router is a function base on IP deal with, while it can understand Macintosh address too, which is generally known as up to layer too. This particular machine you can use only for the objective of WAN (wide area network) where you need the internet since it is connected for system simply.

To participate two or more than two routers of TP cable you will need serial cable instead, which you will connect into WIC 2 credit card (wide interface card).

Based on the devices, the router needs several commands to begin the action in the circle, since others units do not want it. These are commands of the router, for taking its actions within the internetwork.

(Router)# Interface serial 0/3/0
(Router) # On.

Network administrator put the router in service to secure their particular community from broadcast in addition to from burning documents.

Based on the OSI RM model router is used in layer 3 (Network layer).

It is a router which cannot be hack, since there is one best command by which you can protect your data, and now opening message none from the hacker can hack this, mainly because according the rule associated with PTA when this information is put by a person, after it cannot be snatch, and that message is known as Banner message.

They will both belong to the same household certainly, even though whenever they will be connected simply by you, they require cable as their sending functions are similar straight.

This intelligent gadget used when linked several than two topologies. Bottom on it’s intelligently you are able to join some different nations branches of the same specific company.

It does not need any kind of terminator to stop the broadcast since it so intelligent that is why it really is unicast always.
The router can join OF/NET network devices
, of/net means that the final end gadgets which belong to some various IP Classes e. grams. PC “a” 192. 168. 1. 1 PC “b” 172. 16. 0.1 PC “c” 10. 0. 0. 1 though you may assemble them in the system.


It is one intelligent central device, which you can utilize for Local area network as well for MAN (Metropolitan area network)  on the base of transmission mode it is a full-duplex device, at a time two or more than two PCs can send files, it is best than Hub nor Router.

It can create network base on Mac address, which is not changeable but it is the physical address, it has more than “48 Ethernet ports”.

It has a console port too, through which you can configure the system through some social commands.

Base on communication, the first time it is broadcast but the second time that is unicast, it is their prudent work.

On the base of ports, a switch has a collision and broadcast domain.

In open system interconnection model switch keep on layer three (network layer) when you will create VLAN in a switch, then it acts as Router, it does not need command for began action in an internetwork.

Through one switch you can access quite PCs, it is the most intelligent device, as you can guide it.

On the base of some commands, you can change its label name.

There are further some subtypes of the switch such as “access”“core” and “contributor” switches.

There are a lot of good brands, which devise switches. Most of the people in the world use switch in the network topology.  

The switch cannot connect of/Net devices.


It is a subtype of Switch, which is better than Hub and booster nor Router. This is used in layer three (Network layer), a bridge is used mostly when you assemble two different network topology or connection, that is why its name is Bridge.

It has more than 16 Ethernet ports same like Switch, but unfortunately, it cannot connect of/Net devices mean many Computers that belong to a different class IP address.

Base on communication, the first time it broadcast, while second time it is Unicast. It known about Mac address nor IP address. It can work base on Mac address. A bridge is a quite intelligent device, and it has a console port through which you can configure it.

If you would like to extend your system range then you can use Bridge as a booster. It is a full duplex device, the bridge is used for local area service.

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Central devices play an integral part in computer networking, without two computers whenever you would like to link some end units for instance 2, 4, 10, 20, so through one main device you can join them to each other else you would never.

Through these important devices, you can protect your data from broadcasting, as well as from burning such as firewall, Router, Switch, Booster etc.

With the help of central devices, you can link two different network topology either they located in the same country or to another country e.g. Router.

if you would like to boost up your site then you can use these main gadgets such as Booster, Repeater, and Bridge.



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