Retailer Migrates 14000 Staff to G Suite and Lumapps Intranet

End Line finished the migration of tens of thousands of workers from Microsoft Office into G Suite in 2 weeks, a part of a significant project to boost office alliance in the sportswear retailer.

The Indiana-based firm has over 14,000 employees, including executives in its corporate offices and sales employees at 1,000 shop places around the U.S.

Based on Warren Lenard, vice president in End Line of operations and technology solutions, staff communications had been soiled throughout the business, while workers relied on to get data required to encourage them within an intranet.

This has helped enhance staff, in addition to communications involving teams. “In the brief year that we’ve been living, we’ve had about 2 million documents on Google Drive, and the number of files which are shared is beginning to approach 100,000,” said Lenard.

The platform is the cornerstone of the employee data portal site of End Line.

“We’ve got enormous adoption of End Line Link, something in the arrangement of nearly 2 million links, in addition to a lot of individuals utilizing Hangout Meet due to their meetings and cooperation,” said Lenard.

A senior analyst in 451 Research, Raul Castanon-Martinez, stated the End Line job is a fantastic illustration of how companies are currently using cloud software to join workforces with digital tools. “End Line is an especially interesting case study due to the challenge they need for empowering collaboration between the executive and in-house employees. … This is only one of the chief benefits which cloud-native collaboration products such as G Suite supply.”

He added that the benefits realized by End Line are pertinent to organizations irrespective of whether workers share the identical place or are distributed across multiple geographies. “In the event of End Line, it is very relevant given the character of the job that frontline employees do and the challenges this signifies when interacting with executive personnel in a central place,” he explained.

Office Record ‘Variant Roulette’

The driving force behind the project was a desire something End Line had fought with previously. “We may have thought we had been collaborative, but we weren’t.”

There was a range of places. “You’ve got the abuse of email and using email for a storage system, you’ve got the incessant printing of files and distributing them prior to a meeting, just to have those files wind up in the bin on the way out.”

Collaboration procedures were convoluted and time-consuming, and 60 or even 70 emails could be generated by colleagues working together on a record. This contributed to what Lenard explains as “version matches,” with numerous copies of files and no definitive edition. There were ineffective processes, which might lead to hours and hours of time that is wasted.

Digital Team ‘Goes Rogue’ with Google Accounts

Initial aims to boost communications and collaboration centered about the replacement of the ageing ATG variant of this firm 5 intranet. This aim happened to coincide with a necessity to provide G Suite accounts to your organization’s digital team — End Line small business unit. Staff in the digital group had “gone awry,” said Lenard, also put up private Gmail accounts to make documents and speak with each other.

“They’d gotten fed up with the bad performance around our cooperation; even becoming to documents on our servers which were inner could take forever,” he explained.

While Lenard was reticent to induce the staff to use Microsoft tools, security employees were “performing backflips” in the prospect of employees sharing corporate information on private accounts. A solution was to secure paid G Suite accounts with compliance and admin features.

Up to this stage, the assumption was that End Line construct intranet and would migrate into Office365 over time. A dialog with G Suite integration tool O.nix raised the issue of workplace cooperation and the possibility of a rollout of G Suite. It would demand a switch to Lum Apps from ATG.

The Company Case for Cooperation

Lenard said Finish Line CEO was won over from the G Suite migration program and the possibility of communication and cooperation between employees.

Lenard also makes the point that acquiring financing is a difficult market. “It is not something that rolls from people’s tongues, to tackle alliance,” he explained. “Everybody is worried — and rightly so — around supply chain, and ERP and merchandising systems, since those are the things which are right there before your head: How can we construct our enterprise? How can sales raise? How can margin raise?

Although cost wasn’t the sole variable, Lenard said that the transfer to G Suite led to “substantial” cost savings in comparison to its Microsoft venture agreement, which had been expected to finish a year later plans were discussed, at the end of 2016. A transfer to Office365 could have led to increased expenditure.

“As it was, this entire migration could actually lead to cost savings for us,” said Lenard, along with senior executives were in arrangement to push forward. “We put together a migration program. End-to-end about the G Suite side took us for the entire business,” he explained.

G Suite migration

The job proved to be a significant undertaking that required acquisition in the company that is broader, including representatives from HR, communications, learning and growth, and groups.

Change direction was a significant characteristic of executing the project. “Our huge success, a great deal of it we feature to our advertising capabilities. We didn’t make this a stealth that is quiet or a kind of migration.

Not many users were eager to make the play. “We had some people there expressing concern: ‘I’ve used Excel my entire career. You will ask Sheets to be used by me?’

Mail and calendar conversion has been “seamless,” he stated, and also the practice of converting Word documents to Docs presents several challenges.

Some procedures were difficult. “PowerPoint to Slides, a few matters convert nicely, some things do not, and that means that you work with it. And quite honestly, Excel into Sheets is not that bad; it is all dependent on the amount of complexity — formulations are all fine, but items such as pivot tables [are debatable].”

Despite the migration into G Suite, Microsoft Office will be current within Finish Line for the future. “You’re still communicating with external organizations, and also you can’t expect that everyone will be on Google.”

Castanon-Martinez of all 451 Research explained that Alpha Suite has evolved to the point at which migrations are simple from a technical standpoint. Handling and human — facets of projects is the most important barrier.

“Technical challenges aren’t a subject which comes up, I presume because Google has functioned to make it effortless for organizations to switch without it turned into a significant hassle for consumers and IT staff,” he explained.

“Change direction and becoming used to a new method of working for workers who are utilized to the traditional Microsoft desktop productivity tools appears to be the primary challenge for associations.”


End Line has mailboxes set up, while all staff is provided with an account and use of the Finish Line Link intranet. Shop managers have their own email, instead of relying upon a single address assigned to every shop.

Among the benefits of the job is to join in-store and executive staff.

“We’ve got a million [shop] places with store managers and shop employees in every of these, and quite frequently our stores’ operations staff needs various distinct emails and papers filled out,” Lenard said. You can observe an email decrease into the shops from shop ops and back.

There’s been a decrease in the number of files – such as shop activity partners which would encounter millions of pages each year.

There are benefits in the risk reduction standpoint. “We do not need to worry anymore about locally saved files, which plays a significant part in our efficacy because today we do not need to worry about version control”

The End Line Link employee portal has been constructed out with new web pages to promote data sharing.

Even though there is space for progress, collaboration and data sharing have been fostered by the job throughout the corporation. “We’re fulfilling seamlessly, we’ve got a frictionless environment to operate in,” said Lenard. “We’re now what I’d look at a collaborative business.”

Castanon-Martinez explained that the End Line project demonstrates how IT could support a workforce of workers.

“IT will need to consider supporting workers in a number of places. This goes beyond just providing access to business resources (databases, applications, databases) from various places; it also entails how employees work together.

For End Line, the need would be to encourage employees, but it might be employees, workers or contractors. “For IT the battle will be producing a ‘virtual’ work environment that offers the identical experience for all workers, irrespective of location.”



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