Remember these points before attempting Physics Section in JEE Main 2019

The JEE Main 2019 is just around the corner and those of you who have applied for this coveted engineering entrance exam might be preparing for it in full swing. With less than a month left in JEE Main 2019 January session, it’s the right time to incorporate some smart techniques for your preparations.

Physics might be the troubling section for many of you. However, with a little bit of smartness in your approach towards the study of Physics can lead you a good score in this section. Numerical solving and concept clearing happens to be the trick when it comes to Physics and this is where most of you miss the train.

Those of you who are preparing for JEE Main 2019 examination (either first or second phase) must be curious to know the important points and techniques that can help you fare well in the Physics section of the exam. Well, why shouldn’t you be curious, after all, it is the question of you scoring well and clearing JEE Main 2019 exam.

Don’t worry we would brief you with all those important points that you need to know while preparing for Physics and points you should remember before attempting the Physics section in the exam. So, take a deep breath and sit back to read the entire until end. 

JEE Main 2019 Exam Pattern

Before we get on to those important points it is important for you to get a brief (especially for those who are going to appear in April session of JEE Main 2019) idea about the exam pattern. Candidates who are preparing for JEE Main 2019 are advised to go through the pattern of the exam so, as to get a brief outlook and understanding of the exam.

The pattern of the exam is tabled below for your reference:

Mode of Exam Online
Section in paper 3 (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics)
Nature of questions asked Total 90 questions (30 Questions each from  Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics)
The time duration of the exam 180 Minutes (3 Hours)
Maximum Marks 360
Marking pattern 4 Marks for the correct answer. ¼th marks to be deducted for the wrong answer
Subjects covered Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics

Important points

We would discuss the important points in regards to the Physics section of JEE Main 2019 exam in two parts that are the preparation phase and during the exam. So, let’s get started.

During Preparation Phase

  • Get through your class XI and XII Physics NCERT’s first. From the previous JEE Main paper analysis, we have seen that questions are based on the concepts of NCERT and even NCERT questions are seen appearing in the exam. So, getting hold over NCERT is the first thing.
  • Numericals are the most feared part when it comes to Physics. However, with practice and command, you can score 100 percent marks in numerical questions. Start solving the questions of NCERT during the initial phase and later on switch to previous questions and then numerical question bank to build confidence.
  • Revision is the key when it comes to retention. Be it any subject or exam regular revision is the key and the case is no different in JEE Main 2019. Make a daily, weekly and Monthly revision plan for revising the concepts of topics that you covered during the time period.
  • Solve section-wise mocks in a time-bound manner to get a feel of exam condition and to note areas you are lacking in.
  • Note your mistakes in the mock in a separate notebook/diary so, that you don’t repeat it again.

In the exam

  • Go through the 30 Questions of Physics in one go that is take a glance of the section to get an overview.
  • Reading question slowly is very important in the examination hall because you will understand the important details. 
  • Don’t start with these two or three questions that you don’t know the answers because it will not be a good impression for the examiner. 
  • That is good to know if you know the answer but don’t get excited for that because this is the high chances of mistake that you can be made in excitement. 
  • Carefully devote time for Physics so, that other sections don’t suffer due to lack of time. This technique of time devotion would be learned at the time of solving mocks whereby you would notice your weakness and strength.
  • Try to get through the numerical first. In that case, if you are not willing for the comfortable with the numerical then can you can go anywhere you feel good for the question.

Above are these tips and remembering these important points would definitely help you boost your score in the Physics section of the JEE Main 2019 exam.




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