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Business Process Automation Robotics

Semiconductor and its allied industry are one of the most crucial and dynamic one, where organizations have to do product differentiation every six months or so, to stay ahead in the competition. With the world inching towards gadgets smaller and powerful day by day, like a smartphone, semiconductors continue to increasingly play a crucial role. Therefore, it becomes imperative for a semiconductor organization, to strike the perfect balance between their R&D cost and product lifecycle cost. The criticality of the same is such that, any little miss planning could lead to product failure in the market, in terms of functionality and pricing. Semiconductors have revolutionized all of the industry verticals, in terms of advanced products characteristic. To evolve in the market, organizations need to look at semiconductor platform software seriously.

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The resting platform, on which semiconductors are laid are complex in nature, which is used extensively to discount any possibility of disruption.  The world is moving constantly towards complex specialization, due to which end-user demands are rising. To meet market requirements, semiconductor platforms should be well backed up with sophisticated software. The organization should team up with a capable technology partner, to anticipate technology upgradation trends, and work towards achieving it. It is the responsibility of the technology partner to increase the organizational R&D capability, and reduce time to market for their products.  To stay ahead in the competition, organizations, need to innovate at a much lower cost than their rivals.  Advanced semiconductor platform is known to facilitate and validate the most complex IT nodes, to support complex business processes.

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The challenge is to create a platform, which should be flexible enough to absorb organizations legacy hardware chips, yet keeping plenty of provision for further integration. The designing of the entire architecture, like boards, platforms, and its software are the task of a highly skilled technology partner.  Therefore, organizations should choose its partner carefully, who would understand company vision thoroughly and conduct detailed system requirement study beforehand. The hardware and software should have perfect integration, to avoid future technical glitches. Having a proper portfolio of semiconductor software services like multimedia, video formats, and Dolby sounds are a must-have. It is highly recommendable to opt for such a platform, which would allow for easy migration of operating systems, from different hardware and middleware platforms.

Business houses do face a common problem of connectivity with their legacy platforms. This is taken care off easily by advanced semiconductor software platforms, which can be integrated easily with Bluetooth, WLAN, NFC, etc. The semiconductor industry is witnessing huge growth, due to the increase of IoT. Every organization is realigning itself towards Business Process Automation Robotics, to increase productivity. In order to achieve this demand wave, semiconductor industry needs to be right up there, with its innovative software solutions.  However, some challenges like lack of skill set and resource mobilization capability, against SoC applications, needs to be addressed carefully, by the technology partner. A good technology partner should be able to write innovative codes, to match the nodes with an organization’s legacy systems.

There has to be a clear technology absorption roadmap, which should be in line with an organization’s vision. There has to be a detailed and careful study of an organization’s hardware design requirements, upon which semiconductor chip design will be based on. Manufacturing concerns are looking forward to upgrading their PPC (Production Planning and Controlling), department, carefully to establish better governance inexpensive raw material management. To achieve, the same, they need to have advance Business Process Automation capabilities backed up with sophisticated semiconductor platform.  With the advent of IoT, daily about five million devices are being added under the umbrella. To absorb this technology wave, semiconductors should be advanced enough to compliment them with lesser memory footprint and have lesser power consumption.



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