What is Policy Oriented PhD in International Relations?

The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in International Relations is a scholarly research-oriented degree. The Program can be both coursework-intensive and research-oriented to be awarded on both full-time and part-time basis varying from University to University. 

Ph.D. program focuses on these three areas: peace and conflict studies, development studies, and foreign policy and diplomacy. Ph.D. in International Relations is designed to prepare candidates for positions in the academia, research institutions, government, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, civil society, among others. Policy-Oriented Ph.D. in International Relations deal with the foreign policy and diplomacy at the research level.

If you are interested in joining some analytical foreign policy establishment or have a career in Policymaking this is your golden ticket.

In this article, we will tell you in brief about the benefits of Policy-Oriented Ph.D. in International Relations

Eligibility Criteria

If you want to apply for Policymaking Ph.D. in International Relations, you should check the requirement of the institute you want to apply it. Most of the universities that offer this program is under the Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs (APSIA) and have basic criteria as same. For applicants ease, we have mentioned a few basic criteria

Applicants must have a graduate degree in Political Science/International Relations with minimum GPA of 3.20 on 4.00 point scale under the American system or equivalent attainment in other grading systems). Applicants must submit a sample research proposal to apply and having any published work will add benefits to your application.

Reasons to join

Policy Relevant Jobs

In Ph.D. in International Relations, you will have to perform original research. As it is International Relations, you would not be stuck to college and universities but will be moving around conducting high-quality research geared towards affecting policy. The establishments include think tanks, government-funded research institutions, international organizations, and private sector firms engaged in activities like risk analysis. 

Analytical foreign policy establishment

If you want to work in foreign policy establishment and trade-offs, this course is best suited for you because you will be enjoying the process of conducting research. Students get opportunities to memo writing, develop briefing skills, participate in field trips, and engage with policymakers on a regular basis. After getting Policy Ph.D. in International Relations, you are considered experts on the topics of policy

You want to “bridge the gaps.”

Policy-oriented Ph.D. programs are especially well placed to bridge two important divides among those thinking about international politics – the gap between policymakers and academics and the space between historians and political scientist. 

You enjoy the fast-paced world of international politics

As a research scholar in International Relations, you will be able to conduct your research in the field of International Policy and relations as well as International Market and also as a diplomat. The course nurtures your temperament as well as intellect.

Gain knowledge in the International Affairs

This program will give students burning questions about the world that can only be answered after years of research. You will be able to understand and evaluate the possibilities of the policy and how it is made, how many factors are in place and what are the things to be kept in mind and what is to ignore.




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