How to Play Super Mario Bros 2

Super Mario 2 is the sequel to the original game Super Mario Bros. It was made in 1988, and was first released for the NES, but has been re-released for many other consoles since that date. It is the black sheep of the first Mario games, because it had different controls, and in fact, it has almost nothing in common with its predecessor. Super Mario 2 is still considered a classic, and its unique gameplay will leave you hooked. Here is a guide on how to play it.

Learn the controls. Being a retro game, the Super Mario Bros 2 has very simple controls. You move with the arrows, and press A to jump and B to remove plants and other objects from the earth. The controls may vary depending on the version of the game you have, here you can find Mario games unblocked.

Learn to play it. It’s not like the other Super Mario games. You can not eliminate enemies by jumping on them. You have to kill them using plants that you take off the floor. You throw those plants to eliminate them. Also, you can jump over the enemy’s head and press B as if you were going to take out a plant, and then throw the enemy to another opponent to get rid of both.

Choose the appropriate character. Each character has its strengths and weaknesses. Mario is good for beginners because he is average in everything. Luigi can jump very high and very far, but it is difficult to control (due to its lack of traction). Luigi is also average in speed and strength (example: How fast can a plant get off the ground, or an enemy). Toad is the fastest, strongest and has the best traction, but it is terrible jumping. Peach (known as the Princess in the versions before the GBA) is the slowest and weakest, but she can hover in the air as far as Luigi’s jump, giving her that unique advantage. Some characters are better than others in different areas. For example, in the world of ice/snow Toad and Mario have advantages because of their superior traction. In areas where control is not a problem, Luigi may be better, due to his jumps.

Defeat the bosses. You will not get anywhere in this game if you do not know how to face the bosses of each level. The most common leaders are the Birdos, who throw eggs through their mouths. To defeat him you must jump on his egg and throw it three times. At higher levels, in addition to throwing eggs, they also fire, so be careful! In addition, after defeating Birdo at the end of the level, each world has its own boss. Each of these is unique, so be careful and look for ways to defeat them. Often there are weapons or accessories nearby that you can use (for example, Mouser throws you bombs.) To defeat it you have to throw your own bombs before they explode.

Consider the new versions before buying the original game. The version of the Super Nintendo (in the Super Mario All-Stars game of 1993) had better graphics and better way to play it, compared to the NES version. That game also includes three retro games (Super Mario Bros, Lost Levels, and Super Mario Bros 3). The new version for the Game Boy Advance was also released in 2001 called Super Mario Advance, with the addition of voices to the game. The game in its original version can be purchased in the virtual console of the Nintendo Wii.


Choose the character that best fits the level.

Mario is good for beginners.

Super Mario All-Stars is a good game if you consider playing a retro game (including Super Mario 2) because it contains four Super Mario games of the NES in a single cartridge for the SNES.


Some Birdos fire.

Each world boss is unique and must be defeated in a special way.

The Game Boy Advance version has been criticized as being “very easy” compared to its older versions.

Things you will need

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Optional, to play the original version.

Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) Optional, to play in “Super Mario All-Stars”

Game Boy Advance (GBA) Optional, to play the re-launch of Super Mario Advance.

The Nintendo Wii console (optional, to buy the game online).

Control of Nintendo Wii (to play the Nintendo Wii version).



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