How to become Pharma Franchise Suppliers for a Pharmaceuticals PCD Franchise Company in India?

There are plenty of pharma franchise manufacturers and pharma companies that offer pharma PCD franchise opportunities to freshers and experienced individuals. These pharmaceutical companies offer sole distribution and promotion rights for pharma products to pharma franchise suppliers that could be an individual or a group of individuals running a pharmaceuticals PCD franchise.

These pharma franchise suppliers engage in commercial pharma activities on behalf of the third party manufacturing pharma companies and other pharma companies by using the company’s proprietary information such as the brand name, trademarks, logo, etc. Pharmafranchisemart is an online pharmaceutical business directory that lists the top pharma companies in areas near you and gives you the chance to become pharma franchise suppliers for them.

In order to become pharma franchise suppliers for pharma franchise manufacturers, start with a few basic steps such as getting a wholesaler license for pharma products, getting GST number, TIN, selecting a name for your franchise, hiring an adequate team of experts, etc.

 What is the Scope of Becoming Pharma Franchise Suppliers in India?

The current affair-aware enthusiasts and those involved with the Indian pharmaceutical industry must already know that the pharma industry has progressed at a relatively fast speed in recent years with its worth having crossed the USD One Trillion mark already. The pharma sector in India has contributed to this progression in significant amounts as India is one of the major exporters of generic drugs all over the world. Thus, the Indian pharmaceutical industry offers ideal business prospects to third-party manufacturing pharma companies and individuals hoping to start their pharma journey by becoming pharma franchise suppliers.

Benefits of Associating with Third Party Manufacturing Pharma Companies as a Pharma Franchise Supplier

Following the PCD pharma model is a perfect way to go up the ladder in the pharma business. The pharma PCD franchise offers numerous business opportunities that are a win-win for both the pharmaceutical company and its associate pharma franchise supplier. The model promises mutual growth and expansion for both parties as one enjoys the benefits provided by the other and vice versa.

Let us discuss some of the benefits that come with starting your Own Pharma franchise business.

  • Suitable for small and medium scale companies;
  • Freshers can grab pharma franchise opportunities as long as you are dedicated, know a little about the industry and pharma products and adequate capital under your belt;
  • Less investment means lower risk factor;
  • Association with a well-known brand can boost your reputation and help achieve growth in little time;
  • You are the boss of your own business;
  • No sales targets to achieve;
  • You retain the profits and there is no revenue sharing with the pharma company;
  • Flexible work schedule means you may come and go as you like;

Why is it good to Partner with a Pharma Franchise Manufacturer?

The pharma franchise companies that operate their own manufacturing facilities are called the pharma franchise manufacturers. Certain companies with limited access to infrastructure, production expertise and workforce choose to get their pharma products prepared by third-party manufacturers. However, the companies that have access to all of the above features are more likely to do their own manufacturing, supply & marketing thus saving costs borne by hiring third-party pharma manufacturers to do the job.

The advantages of choosing a pharma franchise manufacturer are listed below.

  • A steady supply of Pharma Products with no risk of Product Unavailability;
  • Their pharma products exhibit consistent quality throughout;
  • Complaints and grievances can be directly addressed to the manufacturer as no intermediary party is involved.


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