Top 10 Pharma Franchise Companies in India

As per the Department of Pharmaceuticals and the Department of Commerce India, the Indian Pharmaceutical market will witness an exponential growth that will transcend the growth patterns of previous years. The industry pundits have estimated that in the upcoming two years, Indian Pharmaceutical market will be ranked at number 6 in terms of market size and shall be among top 3 global leaders in terms of absolute growth.

What remains to see is how this international positioning will impact the domestic pharma franchise market which has already been boosted by the government backing. Several factors have played a significant role that has resulted in a massive push to the pharmaceutical sector. These include an increased spending potential of a middle-class Indian household, growing health awareness especially among millennials, brand awareness, Foreign Direct Investments, and Indian Government’s initiatives to liberalize pharmaceutical industry in order to provide more room for easy trade.

A combination of all the above-mentioned factors paints a bright picture for the pharma franchise companies. In the coming years, the market will be flooded with aspiring and devout professionals wanting to associate with the top pharma franchise company of India. Teaming up with a pharma franchise company opens up many business avenues that are excellent from the investment point of view and guarantee returns with minimal or no risk.

But the question that immediately comes to mind is how to select the top pharma franchise company when there is already an overwhelming presence of pharma franchise companies in India. Of course, you could refer to the internet for your research but most of the pharma franchise companies seem to offer the same products and services which doesn’t really help if you are an amateur investor.

Therefore, to ease out the selection process for you, we have compiled a list of prominent pharma franchise companies that have led the market for several years thus establishing their dominance and expertise among competitors.

A List of Top Pharma Franchise Companies of India

Radico Remedies

Radico Remedies is an internationally renowned specialty pharma franchise company with operations branched out to include third party manufacturing as well. The company is known to manufacture and market pharmaceutical compositions in the specialty segment thus acting as a single source for all pharma franchise needs. 

Biotic Healthcare

Biotic Healthcare started out as a pharmaceutical manufacturer with ISO 9001:2008 certification producing high-quality pharma products for the domestic market of India. After becoming a reckoning force in the formulations market, the company is now engaged in franchise becoming a multinational top pharma franchise company.

Fossil Remedies

Fossil Remedies is a Gujarat based prominent pharma player. The company offers a plethora of quality, affordable general, and specialty formulations thus becoming a top pharma franchise player with many years of experience behind it. The company commenced its operations with few products but has since expanded its portfolio to include 1000+ pharma products. 

Soinsvie Pharmacia Private Limited

Soinsvie Pharmacia Private Limited is a pharma franchise company with capabilities that are at par with international standards. It is an ISO 9001:2015, WHO-GMP recognized pharmaceutical company that is on the mission to provide affordable yet quality products to the Indian and global masses. 

Rx Medicine Mart

Rx Medicine Mart is an integrated pharmaceutical company that is both a pharmaceutical manufacturer and pharma franchise company for best quality pharma products. The company is a leading player with significant presence across specialty and general range medicines. After having performed consistently in the manufacturing segment, the company is now marketing and selling products on a global level. 

Rosswelt Biosciences

Rosswelt Biosciences has outperformed itself as a consistently progressing pharmaceutical company under its esteemed leadership. The company is a pioneer in the pharmaceutical segment that is focused on upgrading the health of people by making safe and effective medicines available to them. 


Vibcare is a reputed top pharma franchise company that is committed to providing easy access to quality healthcare solutions. With 40 years of experience and a network that knows no border, the company is currently at the top of its game by serving 1000+ pharma franchise customers.

Green Cross Remedies

Green Cross Remedies is yet another top pharma franchise company in India based in Gujarat but with an operational presence that spans the entire Indian subcontinent. The company supports manufacturing and ethical marketing of various dosage forms that cater to different therapeutic areas.

Pax Healthcare

Pax healthcare was incorporated in 2008 in Chandigarh. The company is an ISO 9001:2008 certified pharma franchise company and pharmaceutical manufacturer. The company’s production unit is WHO-GMP certified and equipped with quality control and packaging services as well. Pax healthcare is a global player with experts outside India too.

Cubic Lifesciences Private Limited

Cubic Lifesciences Private Limited is a top pharma franchise company that commenced its operations in 2013. The company has reinforced its presence across the pharma sector with its manufacturing and pharma franchise expertise for a multitude of general and specialty range of medicines.


These top pharma franchise companies are excellence, integrity, quality all combined into one. If you are looking to do business with the top pharma franchise company in India, then these companies are the ones to be considered. Therefore, grab the opportunity to work with them.



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