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We love rain and the smell of the Earth after it. We dig the rainy days and can’t get enough of the rain. Some people actually wait the whole year to enjoy this amazing weather. Monsson essentially brings freshness and fun to everyone. But with high humidity levels and a lot of moisture in the air, we are left drenched in sweat and our skin becomes all grease. People with oily skin have to deal with additional challenges to take care of their skin. Due to pores releasing oil and skin becoming all greasy, the problem of acne and pimples is aggravated. People look up skin care tips online to take essential care of their skin. Subscribe to Cincinnati Bell Fioptics and look up effective skin care tips online.

Gear up for approaching Monsoon, and have your Monsoon essentials and toolkits ready and fix all your beauty woes. We are going to suggest you some of the most effective and tested skincare tips to get you going through the humid Monsoons. This year, you are going to enjoy the essential freshness of Monsoon without any skin woes. Keep your skin healthy, flawless, and glowing this season and keep it free from all sorts of bacterial infections. Popular skin care mantras are all that we listen about each year, but most of us tend to ignore the basic skincare rituals of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing, pertaining to the hectic routines that we have. In monsoon, you essentially need to change your skincare routine and be a little extra conscious.

 The Cleanser is a Must

Cleansing is perhaps the most significant part of your skin care routine in general. And since monsoons are full of moisture and there are chances of bacterial infections more than any other season. Keeping skin clean is the key. You need to bathe at least twice a day to clean your skin from sweat, sebum, and overheating and essentially keep your skin free of bacteria. Try using a soap-free, mild cleanser, as they will gently remove the harmful debris and infectious germs. Choose facewashes with natural ingredients, preferably herbal ingredients.

Toner, another Essential

If you want to go for the natural products, choose rose water. It acts as a perfect toner for almost all sorts/types of skin. You can keep a rose water in a spray bottle in the refrigerator and spray it over your face time and again to keep your skin supple, fresh, and clean. To get a nice healthy glow, use rose water as a toner. Pick an organic one to have the best results. Alternatively, you can pick any toner from the market with natural ingredients and with the suggestions of your dermatologist.

Never Forget the Moisturizer

Although the humidity in monsoon makes the skin greasy, still, moisturizer can never be ditched from your skincare routine. Use light moisturizers that can effortlessly absorb into the skin. Do not go for heavy and thick moisturizers that give a sticky and thick feeling. Moisturizing is essentially important to keep the skin soft, supple, and glowing. Consult your dermatologist to pick the right moisturizer according to your skin type and apply it at least twice a day. Apply a moisturizer essentially before going to the bed. And do not ignore the dry parts of your skin such as heels, elbows, and so on. Get a nice body moisturizer to apply to these areas. Moisturizing the skin is important to keep the skin young and

Serum, another Essential Product 

Serums are to be applied after you have used the cleanser, toner, and the moisturizer. Serums absorb moisturizers into the skin. Get a serum with herbal and natural ingredients and apply it regularly. Consulting with a dermatologist to choose the right serum for monsoon is a great idea. Also, if you are above 30, try getting a serum that is anti-aging.

Night Cream

To improve and avoid any skin damages, the night cream is important. Pick a one with effective ingredients to make your skin look flawless and glowing. Pick a night cream with anti-aging ingredients and effective constituents to improve the pigmentation of the skin. Night creams help in improving the skin especially if your skin is rough and patchy.

Body Lotion 

To have a soft and supple skin, hydration is the key. Use an effective lotion, moisturizer, body butter or any sort of lotion that essentially hydrates your skin. For people with oily skin, opt for a lighter moisturizer.

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