Ultimate On page SEO Techniques In 2018 To Win SEO

On Page SEO Techniques is a very important process that plays a vital role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). On page SEO each web page is optimized for a higher rank in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).  There are various techniques which should be followed for raising the rank of the webpage on Google search engine. These techniques which play a very vital role in enhancing the rain in Google search engine can be very tricky at times. As such, it is always recommended to approach the best SEO Company for getting outstanding SEO services.

Checklist of some best On-Page SEO techniques


In the market, you will get many SEO service provider but you should choose them very wisely as it is the matter of your business and a single mistake can make your company suffer or enable your competitor to take the advantage. Content plays a very important role in Search Engine Optimization. There are various roles that So, here this article we have come out with various On page SEO techniques that will play a major role in optimizing the SEO ranking. The following are some essential rules that SEO services should take care while writing the content:

  • Title Tags: While writing an article or blogs it is very important to keep an eye on the title tags. The ideal length of a title according to Google’s algorithm is 50 to 60 characters. It is very important to maintain 60 characters in the tile as in SERP if it exceeds 60 characters that only the first 60 characters will be shown. As such it will highly affect the ranking of your website. Thus, it is always recommended to shorten the title and whatever you want to define in the title should be conveyed in 60 characters.
  • Meta Description: Meta description is basically a summary of the blog post. You should include the necessary keywords in the metadata and the maximum limit of Metadata should be limited to 155 to 160 characters. The best SEO Company always follows this rule because it is of no use to cross the limit of 160 characters as even if you cross the limit only 160 characters will be shown in SERP.
  • URL Length: URL also plays a vital role in enhancing the rank in Google search engine. It is basically through the URL and title that Google identifies the web page. That is the reason why SEO service provider gives immense importance on URL for getting higher ranking on the Google search engine. It is always recommended not to mention the year in the URL as Google will always consider it to be outdated content.
  • Heading (H1): It is also important to have heading in the blogs or articles. The heading needs to be in H1 tag and you should include keywords in the heading. It helps in boosting the rank in search engine.
  • Sub Heading (H2): After mentioning the heading it is also essential to have a subheading and it is needed to be in the H2 tag. You can also include the keywords in the H2 as it increases the chances of getting higher rank Search Engine Optimization. Thus, every SEO company always tries to place the most relevant keywords in the H2 of the article or blog post.
  • Putting LSI keywords in the body: LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. It is very important to search for the most relevant keywords with the help of Google keyword searching tool. When you will search the keywords in such a keyword searching tool you will get a lot of keywords and you have to find out the most relevant keywords. Sometimes it becomes very tricky which one is relevant and which is not. This is where you need professional SEO services. With years of experience, they can easily recognize which one will be the best and most relevant keywords. That is why it becomes very necessary to hire an SEO company for boosting the rank of their website.
  • Keyword Density: By keyword density, it means the number of times that the keyword should be used in the content. In a high-ranking post generally, it is seen that the keyword density is 1.5%. However, it is based on the length of the content.
  • Outbound and inbound links: Outbound links are those links that generally points to some other website from your website. Your website should be created in such a way that you have control over the outbound links. If the outbound links are used in a proper way there is a high chance that readers will stick to your website.

Inbound links are also called as backlinks. These are some links that point website and search engines. If the content of a website is good then there are higher chances to get some free traffic to the website. Thus, with the help of an inbound link, it becomes possible to increase the PR and SERP of a website.

Thus, both inbound and outbound link plays a vital role in Search Engine Optimization. But it is not easy to use both these links properly without having knowledge on it. That is where the SEO service provider plays a very important role in boosting the rank of the website in Google search engine.

  • Use of Multimedia: There is no doubt that content is the king in Search Engine Optimization. But one cannot ignore the role of multimedia in increasing the traffic and boosting the rank of a website. It plays a very vital role in engaging the readers to your website and providing more information to the users in lesser time. Images, Video, Graphics, Maps, etc. can always help the readers to understand the content more easily. But you should use the multimedia in such a way that it helps to increase the traffic of your website rather than decreasing it. You can take the help of professional experts regarding this factor. That is why you should approach a professional SEO expert for enhancing your website in Google search engine.     





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