Natural Essential Oils for Nausea

The essential oil is one of the common home remedies for nausea. So, “what are essential oils?”, and “What are top essential oils for nausea?”. If you do not know, read the following article to find it out.

What are essential oils?

Many people are familiar with using essential oils, but not all of them can answer “What are essential oils?”.

From the natural oils in the plant, experts get them into a process called distillation. Most of the parts of the plant can be used in the distillation such as bark, flowers, stems, leaves, roots .etc. It is done by steam or water. After that, we can receive essential oils, which is highly concentrated.

The extracted oils have the characteristic fragrance of the chosen plants.

How do essential oils work?

It is most commonly known that essential oils are used in aromatherapy practice. There are a number of ways that essential oils interact with the body. We can inhale through the mouth and nose, or rub on the skin. Some essential oils can be ingested, but experts do not always recommend.

When rubbed on the skin, some chemicals of the plant are quickly absorbed. To promote the absorption, the most common method is to apply to multiple areas or with the heat on the body.

If you inhale the smell of essential oils, your limbic system can be stimulated. The limbic system is known to play an important role in long-term memory, sense of smell, even behaviors, and emotions. Because of involving long-term memory, this part of the brain helps man able to remember his/her memories, even emotions when meeting familiar smells.

Besides, some unconscious physical functions can be controlled through the limbic system such as blood pressures, heart rate, breath, etc. That essential oils stimulate your sense of smell means that essential oils affect physically to your body.

Best essential oils for nausea

By the statistics, there are more than 80 kinds of essential oils. Each of them has its own essence and benefits to our health. One of their benefits is to relieve nausea. Here are top essential oils for nausea, which will help you escape from this uncomfortable symptom quickly.

  • Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender’s soothing properties are the best feature that helps you relieve nausea. Using an oil diffuser will bring the maximumly good effects. Just a few drops of lavender essential oils can decompress your mind. Before going to the bed, when the fragrance fills the air, all you need to do is to relax and inhale slowly. Maybe in the next morning, you have no longer nausea.

  • Fennel Essential Oil

Mostly nausea results from the excess bloating. To relieve it, you are revised to use fennel oil – one of the top essential oils for nausea. Especially, fennel oil is a type of digested essential oils. It is very convenient for those who can not spend time on, for example, massaging with essential oils.

Adding some drops of fennel oils into warm water or a cup of tea is able to consume. But, a noticeable thing is that you should not dilute them.

  • Peppermint Essential Oil

Some people use peppermint tea as an effective way to relieve nausea. Meanwhile, peppermint essential oils also have the same effect. With the soothing properties, this top essential oil for nausea can help you keep away from this tiring symptom. Also, it is well-known to prevent the gastric muscles from cramps.

  • Ginger Essential Oil

Ginger itself has brought many good results to the health. After distillation, the extracted ginger essential oils are potentially effective in soothing and extruding nausea. You can apply them directly to the skin area of the belly or use a diffuser for inhaling.

  • Lemon Essential Oil

Nausea is also caused by stomach cramping. To decrease this symptom, people approach lemon essential oils as a perfect choice. By packing many antispasmodic properties, this oil helps people get rid of nausea easily.

  • Chamomile Essential Oil

Chamomile essential oils can combat any excess flatulence. Therefore, there is no longer reason to put pressure on your stomach. Also, chamomile oil has the capability of relaxing the stomach muscles and the ability to relax your stomach muscles, which is known as one of the causes of nausea or vomiting.

  • Orange Essential Oil

One of the top essential oils for nausea that have a great effect on our body is orange oil. However, if we consume an amount of this oil, it makes some other symptoms of throwing up that nausea can be worse. So, a good advice is to use a drop of orange oils that can stimulate the digestive system and decrease the feeling of bloating in your gut.

  • Cannabis Essential Oil

Cannabis Essential Oil? Does it sound a little strange? Although cannabis does much harm to the body, its extracted oil isn’t. Cannabis oils prove its effect on relieving nausea. But, those who have experience chemotherapy are recommended to use this special type of essential oils. It helps your stomach to relax and prevents cramping at the digestive system. So, you can escape from nausea quickly.

  • Bergamot Essential Oil

In case the nausea results from the dizziness or the lightheadedness, you can use bergamot essential oils as the best choice in the list of top essential oils for nausea. It calms your head, also relax your stomach, Therefore, the urge of vomiting can be eliminated fast.

  • Anise Essential Oil

Releasing extra bloating, minimizing gut spasms, combating gastrointestinal problems, etc. are some of the benefits of using anise essential oils. They can be sprinkled on your dishes to have a great effect. So, you can get rid of nausea quickly.

Nausea is a common symptom that most people have experienced. Sometimes, you can ignore it and it can disappear itself. But if nausea lasts too long, it’s time to find some ways to treat. Above are top essential oils for nausea. Hope that you can choose one on the long list above as a perfect option to relieve your nausea.



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