How to Make a Phone Projector

This tutorial will be for those that want to make a simple DIY phone projector for their Apple iPod or iPhone for a real low cost.

In this tutorial, we are going to talk about how to make a projector that will work with your Apple music devices.

This is a leisure project that almost everyone can make in 15-20 minutes. The whole assignment only cost several bucks and I could enjoy an entire movie using my DIY projector. The projector will project images on a clean white wall after all is done. It is a very simple DIY project and it is easy to understand.


Step 1: Supplies

Things that you will need to create your DIY projector assignment. The required items are LEGO toys, tape, glass, and knives. If you need to buy all it means that you will need to cough up more than several bucks for this assignment.

Step 2:  Box preparation

The first thing that you need to do is to cover up any spaces in the box that will ensure that no light escapes the box. This will definitely increase the quality of the projector image later. Make sure that all the little holes in a box is covered up with tape so that none of the light can escape through these holes. Cover up all the sides so that no lights can escape from the box.

Step 3:

No matter what size the lens will be it shall be fine as it will magnify automatically. Mark down the middle of the box. Next, align the magnifying glass on the box and trace it around with a marker pen. After drawing a nice cute circle, it is time to cut the circle with a knife. The best type of knife would be a pocket knife with a sharp tip. A sharp knife will do fine. After the magnifying glass spot has been marked down, make sure that you cut the edges of the box are cut properly. After the circle is done some holes are cut in the back of the box for speakers and a charging cable so that the projector won’t run out of power. Cover up any edges with duct tape. The lens will be stationed on top of the box and use something to hold it up.

Step 4:

Align your phone or Apple device with the projector glass then mark them down so you know where to put it when using a projector.

Step 5:

Build a stand for the music device

You will need the iPod to be as vertical as possible. The LEGOS will be turned into a stand and it will be made in a stand high enough to give the iPod support.

Finally, we can start using the projector! Place the iPod upside down so that you get the perfect image. Make sure that you turn off the lights to obtain clearer visuals. The spot should be marked so that you know where to place it the next time you use it.


If the screen becomes dim turn the brightness level to the highest on your Apple device.

Make sure the room is completely dark.

Move the projector far from the screen to get a larger image.

Make sure the wall is white before you start projecting so that you have a good image.

If the image is upside down turn the apple device upside down in the box.

Great! It’s time to start watching your movie!

How to Connect a Projector to a Computer

We often need to use a projector to aid us in work, right? But what happens when we are unable to connect it to our laptop? We need help from others, and sometimes things get a little convenient right? So what exactly is a projector? A projector is a type of optical equipment that shows the image on a projection screen using lasers. They are used widely at work but sometimes employers do not know how to use one, especially those that have never used one before.

Now that we know what a projector is, we need to know how to use it! Let’s get rolling!

Step 1: Setting up your projector. Put the laptop and projector in front of the projector screen. Find the power cables of the laptop and the projector and clog them at the back of the equipment as well as the socket on the wall.

Step 2: Find the access to the links for both the laptop and the projector. If the lights have changed to a blue color, it means they are connected.

Step 3: Find the links. There should be ends in blue color with each having a screw on either side. Put in one link into each equipment. The ends are the same, so it doesn’t matter whether you put end A or end B into the equipment.

Step 4: Re-connect the main power source for your laptop and your projector as well as any other stuff that needs to reconnect to your computer. Turn on the equipment

Step 5: Set the access of the computer projector. Look for terms such as COMPUTER, PC or SVGA.

Step 6: Turn on both equipment. After everything start-up, you will get a ‘No Signal’ message prompt on the computer screen, press the Fn and F8 buttons on the laptop at once. The image should appear. Each computer will have a different set of buttons to make it work. Read reviews and tutorial for each computer as each PC will be different.

Step 7: To access your controller, use a remote controller. This will help you to do your presentation without standing right next to the laptop. Ask someone to help you on the computer side. Use a laser to highlight the main points on the screen.

Step 8: Test the connection again. If everyone is great, it is time to start your presentation!

These are steps on how to connect your projector to your laptop, enjoy!



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