Instagram Role in Kids Learning

Are you familiar with Instagram? Well, you must definitely be aware of this free social media app uses to share photos and videos.  Instagram is a rapidly growing social media application which has more than 100 million users all over the world. You can easily enhance the quality of your image on Instagram before sharing with your friends or family.

Instagram is an app for fun loving people, as you can share your photos. But wait; can you use this amazing app for improving learning skills in kids? Is there any possibility for users to have more opportunities? Kids love this app and it is safely estimated that 1 million kids of age 12-17 are using Instagram frequently. It shows that they are interested in Instagram to keep on scrolling down.

But is it possible to divert their interest in learning while using the same platform? Social media has spread widely all over the world, for this reason, it can be used to execute more ideas. Deliberately, social media use is increased in schools to make students more engaged in their studies. On Instagram, kids know they have an authentic audience other than their teachers who will see it.

Instagram is a social sharing application, just like tweeting and blogging, so you definitely will get an original audience from there. To sign up on Instagram for an account, the user must be 13 years old. Similarly, it happens on Facebook.

Even though Instagram app might look like a simple camera app. But keep in mind that it is a social app and has the same privacy concerns that any other app has. Just like Twitter and Facebook it also has standard precautions for each user. Instagram allows you to make your profiles private so you can add some security filters for privacy reasons. Younger kids and teens have an amazing opportunity to make their posts visible to only their friends and family.

Make your kids learn about safety on the internet, and what kind of posts need not to share. Why accepting friend requests are necessary and what type of commenting on Instagram is appropriate. Instagram can play a role in kid’s education while encouraging your kids you need to know some possibilities of using Instagram with students include:

Motivating Early Descriptive Learning

Teachers can make it possible for their students to come across a strategy for mutual learning by using the Instagram platform. Instagram can be successfully used to learn students sharing and making new short sentences on their posts. Practicing short sentencing helps in boosting English learning. Teachers can also use visual cues for learning new things to the students. Teachers can make private accounts for their students and their parents in which they use mutual learning skills. These accounts will be entirely safe as teachers can add privacy filters to the accounts. In this way, teachers and parents can always look up the activities that children do on their accounts.

Arts Lessons

In the private accounts, teachers can arrange online classes for improving artistic skills of kids. By using the entire features of Instagram, kids can learn lots of things. Putting unique and whole new creative posts on Instagram stories can help in building and improving the self-confidence of the kids. It’s really an interactive way to make kids inspire from other children’s posts. Editing and enhancing images on Instagram also helps to improve the creative learning of kids. If you like any post of other kids, simply you can download the images. It makes your kids learn with the help of an example in front of him.  To download images or videos from Instagram you can use Instagram video downloader online.

In the same way, teachers and parents can regularly monetize activities of their kids.

Infinite Thinking

Teachers can also encourage their students for critical thinking and improving communication skills. Teachers can assign tasks to students to capture photos and write short descriptions about details. Writing short tales will enhance the critical thinking of kids and also it helps the kids to improve their descriptive learning. 

Making Tutorials

Instagram can really help out in kids learning. Teachers can make some practical approaches while using step by step tutorials. Using collage apps, students can expand their skills of making the story inflow. Actually, the sequence of any story matters a lot. Nobody can understand the story if does not have any guideline or any sequence. Students can learn the best ways to learn for the betterment of their learning capabilities.  

ABC Learning

Nowadays, kids start using mobile phones from 2 to 3 years, yet it’s also their learning period. Smartly active and intelligent kids learn more rapidly than other age fellows. Not only elder kids, but you can also use Instagram for the younger kids learning. You can start from the very first stage of learning ABC. Using sounds with letters and their pronunciation are the good picks for younger ones. Choosing objects with their names, learning alphabets, and lots more can be done on Instagram for the kids.

Mathematical Learning

Parents and teachers can help kids to learn Mathematics by using different shapes, fractions, patterns, curves and much more. Well, Instagram effectively plays role in kids learning if using it with restrictions and privacy.  

To help your kids in learning, you can consider the above strategies without any doubt. Parents and teachers can make it applicable for b better learning and bright future.


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