Instagram Contests | How to Run the Successful Contest to Boost Engagement?

Create a Worthwhile Instagram Contest

The most common question that almost all Instagram users ask is how to get followers. There may be several effective ways of increasing your follower base but here, I am going to discuss one of the most amazing ways to achieve your purpose.

Instagram contests! Yes! You heard that right. Running a contest here on this platform isn’t a difficult task. Moreover, this platform doesn’t come with any sort of restrictions regarding this. You can be your own boss and via running contests, you can increase your follower base because it’s a proven rewarding way. With very little efforts, you will drastically boost up engagement and will start getting lots of likes, comments, and followers.

If you need to run your first Instagram contest, you are standing here at the right place. Here, you will get to know how to run a contest here on this platform successfully.

Familiarize yourself with contest goals

Directly diving into the contest doesn’t let you give desired success. So, the best recommendation for you is to make yourself familiar with your contest goals so that you could have a clear path to follow. Then, plan the things accordingly to achieve those goals. Running contest without a purpose is of no use, for sure. Identify your purpose and try to align your contest with the interest of your targeted audience so that they could actively participate. Having a particular goal at the start will let you decide if your contest is leading you to a success path or not.

Moreover, establishing the budget as well as the timeframe in advance at this level. Determining all these things at this level will lead you to run an effective contest.

Clearly State it’s a CONTEST

The first and foremost recommendation for you is to make sure that your audience knows it’s a contest. If you don’t clearly mention it, this post can get lost in the new feeds. So, you are suggested to make it clear for your audience by writing the word CONTEST in the capital letters or make it stand out with any other way you like, for instance, you can choose to make lots of emojis with it etc.

Clearly State Entry Requirements

No matter what you have decided about the requirements for the people to enter in the contest, make sure these are clearly defined in your post. In this regard, you may ask people to follow your account to take part or tag a few friends in the post or share it etc,

Instagram doesn’t restrict you regarding this. You can be your own boss and you are free to set your own set of requirements. But, don’t choose to set very complicated requirements instead try to keep it simple so that everyone could take part in it.

Clearly State Deadline

Mentioning the deadline is something very vital because people must know how long your contest is going to run so that they could participate soon. So, you are suggested to clearly state the day, date as well as the time when your contest will end.

Announce and Provide a Relevant Prize

Prizes – This is the most amazing thing the people love about the contests and prefer to take part if they are offered the amazing prizes or deals. One thing that is worth mentioning here is that giving away the generic prizes won’t be a very good idea for your business. You must proffer you audience the relevant prizes so that it could also serve as a marketing tool. If you choose to do so, it will grab the attention of plenty of new audience towards your business. Moreover, rewarding the existing customers is also an excellent choice to retain them for the long time period.

Announce how the winner will be selected

You may decide how you will select the winners but you must also let your participants know how you will take a decision. There are basically two ways to select the winner.

  1. The first way is to let the jury decide.
  2. The second way is voting.

There are pros and cons to both the defined ways and you may choose the one according to your preference but whatever way you choose, you are supposed to announce it to your audience in advance.

Keep promoting it

Posting about your contest only one time isn’t enough for sure. You are recommended to announce it again and again for reminding the people about it.

Don’t merely post it here on Instagram, you can also choose to post in on your other social media accounts. It will let your existing fans know about your contest and lots of people will reach you there on Instagram to take part.

Other than promoting the contest on social media, you may choose to invite people via email as well. Choose to write friendly words in your email to send them an invitation to take part in the contest. The last but not the least option is to write an article or blog, which includes all the relevant details about the contest and promote it.

Engage with entrants nicely

Choose to be active with your Instagram community and your followers will definitely love you for this. When it comes to the contest, you are suggested to thank you your entrants for participating or greet them well with a comment like welcome to contest etc.

All of the above-listed ways to run a contest are really amazing and are proven to buy Instagram followers at an amazing speed. So, give it a try and see the magic.

Ready for running a contest?

Now you have everything clear in your mind about running a contest to boost engagement, it is time to take a start. Work hard for whatever purpose you are going to run a contest and try your level best to achieve it. An effective or successful contest is surely going to expand your follower base. Moreover, you will also get plenty of new content to utilize for purpose of any future contest inspiration.



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