How To Get Rid Of Vaginal Odor?

You are suffering from a strange and unpleasant vaginal odor and you are looking for the way to get out of it as soon as possible? This article will provide you some information about vaginal odor home remedies to get rid of this problem.

Vaginal odor can appear in any woman. It is a common problem which causes many annoying problems and embarrassing for people who suffered from it. A lot of women face vaginal odor during pregnancy, vaginal odor after intercourse and vaginal odor before period. Although vaginal odor during ovulation (period) is normal as that is vaginal odor and discharge mixed which creates a fishy vaginal odor. And same as in the case of vaginal odor after a period as the period has finally ended so the left ones get out of the vagina and some pungent smell can be there. There are People who face vaginal odor but no discharge, In that case, You have a loss of confidence because of this unpleasant smell. You wonder how to get rid of vaginal odor by a natural, straightforward but effective way? After reading this article, you will find out the answer for your own.

How do you know about vaginal odor?

As its name, vaginal odor simply is any odor comes from your vagina. If you have a slight vaginal odor, it is a normal condition. However, if it becomes a strong and strange scent like “fishy” smell, it may indicate an abnormal health problem that that fishy vaginal odor can create problems. It can be an infection with some symptoms such as vaginal odor and itching, redness, burning, irritation or some vaginal odor with discharge.

The most common cause of vaginal odor is the overgrowth of bacterial vaginosis which is a normal bacterium present in the vagina. It causes the vaginal infection and leads to fishy vaginal odor. In addition, some other factors can be the common causes of vaginal odor, it includes:

  •        Poor hygiene
  •        Hormone changes
  •        Vaginitis
  •        Forgot or retain a tampon in several days.
  •        Sexually transmitted diseases (Trichomoniasis)
  •        Rectovaginal fistula, vaginal cancer or cervical cancer (rare)

How to get rid of vaginal odor?

Here are some straightforward but effective vaginal odor home remedies with the ingredient that available in your kitchen to help you get rid of vaginal odor quickly.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar contains antiseptic and antibacterial properties which can fight the vaginal odor effectively. The most straightforward way to get rid of vaginal odor with apple cider vinegar is taking a bath with it. It can fight bacteria and toxins that cause bad odor and the vaginal flora can recover the acidic quality.

Add two cups to your bath water and spend 20 minutes to soak in it. Alternatively, you also can consume a cup of water that mixed with some teaspoons apple cider vinegar. Apply these ways daily to get the best result.


Another efficient and straightforward remedy to get rid of vaginal odor that you may not know is yogurt. Yogurt has a high amount of lactobacillus bacteria that can restore normal pH level of the vagina and also fight vaginal infection. The vaginal odor will go away due to the balance of the vaginal pH level.

With this way, you should choose unsweetened and plain yogurt to consume every day. Besides, to have a higher result, you can supply more probiotic.

Another way for you to do with yogurt is using insert a tampon into your vagina after soaking it in the plain yogurt. Leave this tampon for 2-3 hours before removing it and then rinse it off thoroughly.

Baking soda

Another safety and natural way to stay away from bad vaginal odor is baking soda. The vaginal odor will be eliminated if your vaginal pH level comes back to normal. For this reason, baking soda is put on the list of how to get rid of vaginal odor because it can balance efficiently the pH level of your vagina.

All you have to do is adding a baking soda cup in your warm bath water and sit in the bath tube for 20 minutes. Make sure that your lower body is soaked in water. After that, using a clean towel to wipe your body carefully.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is used for a wide range of purposes which include eliminating vaginal odor. It contains strong antiseptic and antifungal properties that can remove bacteria cause this problem. Therefore, it is very efficient in getting rid of the bad odor of the vagina.

Take a few drops of this oil to put inside a cup of warm water. Rinse your affected area thoroughly by this solution several times daily for a week.

Alternatively, you can soak a tampon with olive oil and few drops of tea tree oil. Then insert this one into your vagina for a few hours. After that, remove it and rinse it off carefully. Apply this remedy a few times a week until you satisfied with the result.


Fenugreek brings high health benefits for women. For that reason, it is also considered as an effective way to get rid of vaginal odor. In addition, if you consume it regularly, it can balance your hormones and help your menstrual cycles becomes regularly.

Using fenugreek seeds with 1-2 teaspoons to mix with a cup of warm water at night time before you go to bed. In the morning of the next day, strain the seeds out and then consume it before you have breakfast.

You can also make a herbal tea from fenugreek by boiling a teaspoon of this seeds with a cup of water. Train it out and consume this tea 2-3 times a day. Apply this method until your condition improves.


Using garlic is also one of the extremely simple home remedies for getting rid of vaginal odor but not everyone can come up with this idea. Its natural antibiotic can help you to fight vaginal infection and also vaginal odor. In addition, antifungal properties of garlic can defend your body from a yeast infection and other bad bacteria.

Eating raw garlic or cooked garlic both can bring a good result for your condition. When your stomach is empty, eat few raw garlic cloves with a cup of lukewarm water. However, if you afraid of that, you can consume it with salad or some other dishes.

The unpleasant odor comes from the vagina really causes many annoying problems for the people who suffer from it. If you are experiencing this condition, hope this article is useful for you to find out the answer to the question.




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