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Aren’t we all fascinated by the modern day machines from automobiles to fighter jets, from doorknobs to massive cranes? Have you ever wondered who is a mother to give birth to all these machines?  He/ She is called the Mechanical Engineer. The day of a Mechanical Engineer is never boring. The person can be sitting in a cozy office of a Design Bureau or he/ she can be on the field repairing the heavy machinery

Who is a Mechanical  Engineer

The mechanical engineer is the person who studies a specific branch in engineering ( Mechanical Engineering). Mechanical engineering deals with physics, math, lots of mechanical mechanisms, material sciences, fluid studies, engines, engineering drawings, programming, electronics, and even computers.

How To Become a Mechanical Engineer

To become a mechanical engineer calculus, physics and chemistry is a must in high school. Different colleges have different parameters for selecting deserving candidates. High school G.P.A and S.A.T scores both play an important role in getting the desired college. Some colleges may also ask for school transcripts and letters of recommendation.

The Bachelor’s degree is for four years and Masters course is for two years. Some colleges also provide integrated course ( Bach.+Masters ) in five years.

Make sure that the course and the college are recognized by ABET.

Mechanical Engineering Curriculum

It consists of various subjects ranging from Engineering Math to Material Sciences. A mechanical engineer also studies parts of Electrical, Electronics and Chemical Engineering.  Given below are the crux subjects in the Mechanical Engineering Curriculum.

1-Engineering Maths
2Engineering Sciences(Physics and Chemistry)
4-Strength Of Materials
5-Engineering Drawing and Graphics
6-Theory Of Machines
7-Fluid Mechanics
8-Material Science
9-Machine Design
10-Designing Softwares

Masters in Mechanical Engineering

It’s an 18-24 months course after bachelors in Mechanical Engineering. It includes specialization for eg- masters in Machine Design or Masters in Fluid Mechanics. If you have done your course then check Jobs Circular

Institutes for Mechanical Engineering

Given below the top seven Institutes for studying Mechanical Engineering.

1-Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2-Stanford University
3-University of Michigan
4-University of California
5-Georgia Institute of Technology
6-Cornell University
7University of Texas

What a mechanical engineer does

The job of a mechanical engineer can be encompassed in five broad categories which can be further divided into numerous subcategories.

The job description of a Mechanical Engineer is given below

Mechanical Engineering Job Description  in Design

Here the job of a mechanical engineer is to design the machine or the component of a machine according to the need and economics of the market. For eg-Designing the gearbox of a car. Here the person needs to take in the various calculations of forces acting, the material to be chosen, the number of rpm desired and other relevant information. The design field makes heavy uses of mathematical calculations and software like AUTOCAD, CATIA etc. A masters degree with a specialization in design will be an added advantage.

Mechanical  Design Engineer Starting Salaries-$60000-70000 p/a

Mechanical Engineering Job Description in Manufacturing

Here the job of the person is to supervise the various manufacturing processes and to be sure that all the components are being manufactured according to the specifications of the designer. Here also the person makes use of electronic measuring tools and computerized manufacturing machines like CNC. A degree with short-term manufacturing courses will be an added advantage in this field.

Mechanical Manufacturing Engineer Starting Salaries-$55000-70000 p/a

Mechanical Engineering Jobs Description  in Maintenance/Service

Here the job of the person is the ensure that the machine is working properly by carrying out various checks and maintenance measures like changing oil etc.The person also ensures that when the failure has occurred the relevant part is changed and the cause for is documented. The person also monitors the machine for any clues to failure. The Service engineer should have the full knowledge about the functioning of the machine. A degree with short-term service courses will be an added advantage in this field.

Mechanical Service Engineer /Technician Starting Salaries-$60000-70000

Mechanical Engineering Job Description in Sales

Here the engineer facilitates the sales through his technical expertise and communication skills. A masters degree in Marketing and Sales will be an added advantage in this field.

Sales Engineer Starting  Salaries-80000-95000

Mechanical Engineering Jobs Description  in Research/Teaching Job

It’s more of an academic field where you can research new technologies. You can also go to Asst.Professorship from here. A masters degree along with Ph.D. is required to excel in this field.

Mechanical Engineering Professor Starting  Salaries-$75000-80000

Work conditions for a Mechanical Engineer

The work conditions for a Mechanical Engineer varies according to the field the person has chosen. In design and teaching the work is academic, demanding because the person has to constantly update himself with new technology but physical conditions are comfortable. In manufacturing its 9 to 5 straight shift work with a regular break in between but the person might have to endure heat and noise in the workshop. Service and sales work require extensive traveling and it has no particular timing. The physical working condition is harsh for a service engineer but sales and service have the fastest growth path and most number of jobs.

The Scope of Mechanical Engineering

Where do we start? From medical syringes to space shuttles everywhere there is mechanical engineering. From our needs to our comfort there is mechanical engineering. The person can be on a ship as a service engineer, the person can be in an office as a design engineer, the person can be in the workshop as a manufacturing engineer and the person can be with the client as a sales engineer.

The oil rigs like British Petroleum require a mechanical engineer. The air force requires mechanical engineers to maintain its planes. Automobiles require a mechanical engineer to design its automobiles and to sell its automobiles.

From Government to Defense, from Nike to Rolls Royce everybody needs experts in mechanical engineering.

The possibilities of mechanical engineering are endless. It’s up to you where you want to be.



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