As the topic of Instagram is becoming increasingly important, I would like to focus more on this topic on my blog. Surely you remember my last article where I showed you how to make a nice Instagram feed. But in addition to great pictures, it is also important to build an Instagram community that interacts with your posts and brings your account life. Before I started working on Instagram more than a year ago, I did not really know how to grow with my account. In the meantime, I have built up a proper Insta community with my DIY blog and know how to design my feed and content in order to get my target audience excited and to win new followers. That’s why I want to share with you today my 5 essential tips on how to get more Instagram followers and how to build a successful Instagram account.


Many people search daily for articles and hacks that tell them how to succeed on Instagram. At first, I have bad news for you: Building an Instagram community means a lot of work and does not happen overnight!

And now before some say again that the whole effort is not worthwhile anyway, because the evil Instagram algorithm destroys everything, I say the same: that’s not quite true! It has become more difficult to build a community and get a lot of interaction with their posts. Since the algorithm (currently) only pushes the posts that have a high interaction rate (likes, comments, save), the contributions of smaller accounts are often lost.

BUT with the right strategy, you can also buy Instagram followers and grow your account more and more.


1. Regular posting is a MUST

Especially at the beginning, it is difficult to stay on the ball continuously. After an initial euphoria, many lose motivation or find it difficult to produce new content. But at this point, you must not give up! Because if you really aim to get more Instagram followers then you have to offer them something new on a regular basis. There is no point once to post a picture and then again for 3 weeks to hear nothing from him. This behavior is also badly rated by the Instagram algorithm, which in turn has a negative effect on your reach.

That does not mean that you have to post 5 pictures or videos daily, but every day 1 picture or every 2 days a picture is a good cut. From my own experience, I can say that the first 10,000 subscribers are the hardest. After that, it goes steadily uphill. And that’s why you should always be motivated to stay on the ball and not lose sight of your long-term goal. For one thing, I can promise you: once you get the hang of it, it will be much easier for you!

2. Be active in the Instagram community

It’s not for nothing that social networking is what it’s all about. Whether on Facebook, Youtube or Instagram – the exchange with other users is fundamentally important! After all, you also want other people to like and comment on your pictures. So take about 1 hour each day and answer comments or leave some with other users. And that does not mean emojis, but really meaningful sentences that also fit the picture. Because if you leave your mark on other profiles, you make other users aware of you and your profile.

3. Content is King!

Remember the following principle:  An Instagram account will never be successful without quality content! Yes I know, that sounds hard, but that’s the truth. That’s why you should always pay attention to these points in your contributions:

  • Keep a clear “Mood” – for example, this could be a romantic, minimalist, or monochrome mood that runs through your entire feed. It is also advisable to always use the same or similar filters in your pictures
  • Create a feed that’s recognizable and reflects the look of your business – for example, my blog is pink and playful. So I choose a similar imagery for my Instagram profile with lots of pink stuff, little details, and niceties
  • Use a smartphone with a good camera –  blurry or pixelated images will not look good on Instagram and destroy the look of your feed. Therefore, always pay attention to the quality of your image
  • Keep The Captions Clear:  check here Best Instagram captions

4. Never neglect the caption

Do you know what was one of my biggest beginner mistakes on Instagram? My picture texts! I have always used only short standard phrases that were absolutely boring and boring and have not addressed anyone directly. I mean, what’s a great way to respond to a caption a la “Happy Weekend” with a matching emoji? That’s why a meaningful and personal text is always better to build a close relationship with your followers. Even better is a purposeful question at the end of the text to encourage the exchange in the comments.

5. Use Instagram stories regularly

In addition to video contributions, Insta stories have become more and more established. This will allow you to show your Instagram follower more of your everyday life and take her virtually behind the scenes. When I produce new content for my DIY blog or something funny happens in my everyday life, I like to show it in my insta story and share it with my followers.



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