How to fix: SD Card Is Blank or Has Unsupported Filesystem

Blank SD card is a common problem for SD card users. It mostly happens to Android phone SD card, digital camera SD card, and other SD cards. When they meet this message – SD card is blank or has unsupported file system – how to fix it? This tutorial will introduce some exact solutions for SD card is blank issue and how to format SD card to fix the blank SD card.

Firstly, if you are Android phone users, when you encounter this question, you need to make sure the SD card is plugged into your Android phone. And please try to insert and remove the SD card many times, so that the phone can read the SD card.

The second way is to repeatedly turn off and turn on your Android devices. This is to check if the SD card is still working. Alternatively, you can connect this SD card to other phone or computer to see if it is still working. Besides, using another card reader may be helpful because the USB port or the reader device may be the cause of a blank SD card on Galaxy S4, S5 or other Android devices.

If these two solutions above cannot help you, please check the third one. You need to plug the SD card into your computer with a card reader. Before doing this, please make sure your SD card can be detected by the computer. And you can run chkdsk to solve Blank SD card issue. Using CHKKDSK to scan can find and fix errors on blank SD cards. Here are the detailed steps:

Step 1: click on Start, and type CMD to open the CMD window.

Step 2: type chkdsk d: /f (d is the drive letter of the blank SD card).

Step 3: put the SD card back in the phone and to check if this problem is resolved.

The fourth one is to check if there are hidden files on the SD card. Like the third solution, you need to plug the SD card with a card reader into the computer. Please make sure the SD card can be detected by the computer.

Step 1: open the Controls folder, and go to the File Explorer options, and select the View tab.

Step 2: for the View part in the File Explorer options, select Show hidden files, folders and drives.

Step 3: Apply it and then OK to save the change.

Step 4: delete the specialty files if there is in the SD card.

If you still are failed for this problem. You have to format the SD card. However, formatting will result in the loss of previous files on the SD card. Therefore, before formatting the SD card, you need to save the file from the blank SD card. Here, you need professional data recovery software to help to recover the lost files, picture, or video and so on. On the Internet, you can find many data recovery software. Here, I will use the MiniTool as the example. The detailed steps are introduced below:

Step 1: download it from the official website.

Step 2: launch it and you can see this surface screenshot of this software. It provides four parts: This PC, Removable Disk Driver, Hard Disk Driver, CD / DVD Driver. Note: You need to check if your SD card can be detected by the computer.

Step 3: select the Removable Disk Drive and scan your SD card. Please note that you can choose the Settings in the interface – selecting specific file types – to help you find the target files quickly.

Step 4: you can see your previous files displayed in the result. Please select the files that you want to recover and save them to the right location.

Next, you need to format the blank SD card. I will give you the three ways to quickly format the SD card:

The first one is using Windows Explorer. Please open My Computer, find your SD card and format it.

The second one is running compmgmt.msc to get Computer Management, click Disk Management. In the display hard drive, find the disk that represents your SD card. Right click on its partition and select Format.

The third way is using Partition Wizard to format the SD card. Download Partition Wizard from the official website, and launch it. You can see the hard disk on the interface. You need to select the disk that represents the SD card and select Format, click the Apply.

The three ways to format SD card is easy and convenient. However, you need to connect the blank SD card to the computer and make sure the computer can detect it.

At the end of the article, the SD card is popular with most people. And blank SD card is getting more and more attention, too. No matter what SD card users, not just Android phone users, when they encounter SD card is blank issue, they can follow this tutorial to solve this problem. Hope you can get useful information from this tutorial.



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