How to be an Expert in the Latest Online Technologies

Nowadays, many professional workers are increasingly ‘feeling the heat’ from the outpouring of newer and more sophisticated Artificial Intelligence protocols – as they continue to be developed and integrated into machine hardware (robots) that more easily engage with the same working regimens traditionally overseen by humans. For individuals interested in growing their professional skills in line with the advancements of the age, and keeping their employments secure, keeping up-to-date with the latest online technologies to roll out from the IT sector is a prominent way to realize these two-fold ends. For the success of such an endeavor, subscription to a reliable ISP provision like the Spectrum Internet Offers is key.

On the Threat Posed by New-Age A.I Protocols

As far as routine & repetitive occupations are concerned, which include the work performed in industrial plants and factories; these can easily be executed by machine algorithms with significantly higher production yields than those that are normally manageable by humans.

Creativity-oriented professions, on the other hand, which entail innovative approaches to problems-resolution that still retain a modicum of rationality and smooth applicability, fall largely (at present) outside of the achievable domains of mechanical AI-integrated implements.

These jobs can include such professional commitments as:

  • Creative Writing – where the consciously-different arrangements of words – and even letters – can produce strikingly difficult and emotive results under the inspired hands of the ‘masters’ of the trade,
  • Painting – where differing paint impressions hint at the unique theoretical and phenomenal conceptions of their makers, and how they choose to vent under the influence of external & internal psychological stimulants,
  • Musical Composition – where the instigations of distinct instrumental strokes can produce uniquely haunting melodies that have a noticeable cathartic impact on the psyche,
  • Games & Software Design Endeavors – both of which demand a heightened semblance of coding creativity from programming engineers as per the dictates of gaming houses looking to launch a new and marketable digital entertainment product into the mainstream, among many others that call for some artistic input.

Addressing the Need to Stay Technically Up-to-date

A constant state of familiarity with the latest online technological utilities can greatly result in facilitating creative professionals to produce more engaging and dynamic work samplings – and also to keep their mechanized working counterparts at bay from infringing on their paid vocations too narrowly.

The internet, which happens to be the primal mechanism through which A.I networks receive the bulk of their data for future discernment and analytical purposes, is also the sight where skilled workers can receive targeted training to further polish their employment-specific attributes & knowledge-bases.

A few of the common web routes through which such skills – on expertly handling the latest online technologies, as well as on becoming more professionally informed generally – can be attained have been listed below.

Some Quick e-Learning Strategies/Solutions

  • Popular online platforms like Coursera, Udemy, Khan Academy and diversity (along with many others) provide great free and paid resources, in addition to conducting virtual training sessions, that impart important job skills to their attendants from the comfort of their home settings.
  • Another common way of learning a specialist craft (like SEO or Content Writing – both of which aim to exploit the algorithmic designs of modern search engines) is to join online communities and web forums that deal with the concerned subject. By way of some good examples, Warrior Forum, Google Webmaster Central Help, Absolute Write Water Cooler and Graphic Design Forum are all stellar internet-based networks where all types of digital marketing professionals can gain some much-needed timely advice and creative inspiration from.
  • University-accredited distance learning programs, which require a certain investment of time and currency, enable individuals interested in pursuing their education further to do so on a remote, virtual basis. Many of these online initiatives also seek to teach hands-on job training in short 3 to 6 months’ diploma courses; which can greatly help applicants in attaining a marked level of expert proficiency with regard to certain skillsets.
  • Ad-hoc One-to-One tutoring sessions, which some experienced working professionals also conduct for free (as part of personally-professed social responsibility drives). There have been reported instances of expert programmers from India and Silicon Valley training young coders in the use of their self-designed software interfaces and utilities.


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