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Top 10 Simple And Easy Hairstyles For Girls At Home

Girls hairstyles are usually the most intricate and stylish than what we typically have for men. There is lots of flexibility available and you can get as creative as you might like to achieve the best girls hairstyles out there. The best thing is that there are so many cool hairstyles for girls that can even be achieved at home without any need of visiting a professional stylist. You just have to make sure that you know the steps you have to follow for creating a perfect style and then no matter how intricate it may be you can easily achieve a perfect look.

Here we have some of the top girl’s haircuts that can be achieved at home without putting in any extra effort. We have even shared steps on how you can actually achieve the look. So, let’s find out some simple and easy hairstyles for girls at home and how you can achieve them.

Flower Style

Flower hairstyles always have a gorgeous vibe and an element of style to them. They make the girls look cool no matter what their age may be. A simple flower style can be achieved at home with a couple of simple and straightforward steps.

Just gather some hair from either side of the head and keep them in line with the temples. Tie them together to make small pony while securing it in loose braided tail right to the end. The braid can then be spun around to form a cool bun and then you can securely pin it against the head.

Two-minute Curls

Who can deny the unprecedented beautiful look of the curls that young girls can wear in some beautiful and unique hairstyles? However, had you ever thought it could be as easy and simple as achieving the look in just two minutes? Yes, you can flaunt beautiful curls within just a couple of minutes.

In order to achieve the look, you have to bunch the hair up while separating the tail into the half. Now, based on your hair texture, wind half of your ponytail around the curling wand and keep it in that position for just 30 seconds to 1 minute. Do the same with the other half as well. Now, allow the ponytail to come down and separate using your fingers; you’ll see your hair falling in soft curls.

Halo Headband

Making a headband with your own hair requires some creativity and that’s exactly what you’re going to get here. To achieve the look, take some strands from a side of the head and twist them before pinning into the center. Now, take some strands from another side of the head, twist, and pin in the same way but take it behind the other twist. You have a cool halo headband ready.

Double Knotted Ponytail


Girls really look cool in ponytails and when you get creative with the ponytails it’s even better. This double knotted style will really bring out the inherent charm of your personality and you’ll definitely love the final look.

The look can be achieved by separating the hair into half and then tying it into a cool low knot. Next, you need to create another knot while using a hair tie for keeping it into place. The hair should then be wrapped around that tie for concealment purposes.

Undone Bun

Sometimes, an unruly look is really the best look for you. And, if you don’t want to keep it completely unruly, you can think about an undone bun. It’s really a perfect look to achieve when you are short of time and want something that can be achieved quickly and without much of hassle. You can tie your hair into a cool ponytail and then twist it to form a beautiful loose bun. Insert a small pin from right sight before allowing it to fall in unruly bangs and wisps to frame the face.

Beach Waves

Nothing can beat a cool wavy look achieved on long beautiful hair. The hairstyle can best be achieved with a little bit of damp hair. Separate the hair into small or large sections based on how the waves should look. Next, you can twist the sections and then blow-dry so that they can be held into place. After blow-drying the hair, you can gently separate it using your fingers to achieve a beach-ready, soft wavy look.

Pure-Braid Ponytail

Braided ponytails sometimes require some effort to achieve but they always look the coolest. If you want to achieve a braided-ponytail this is the one you should go for. For achieving the look, take some strands and create a braided look from your hairline going right down to the tips. Now grab the remaining hair as well as the braid sweeping it to a side to form a cool ponytail. Secure the look with the help of a hair-tie.

Temple Twist

It’s a simple twisted look that is probably among the coolest and simplest hairstyles a girl can achieve. The look can be created by separating a hair section from the side of the temple and twisting and pulling it to a side. Use bobby pin for securing the look.

Voluminous Ponytail

Love flaunting some volume? You can go for a voluminous ponytail to achieve a cool and stylish look at home without putting in much of effort. The hairstyle is achieved by pulling the hair back and forming a beautiful high ponytail. You can secure it with the help of a cool hair tie. In the next step, split that ponytail into two, placing a small sized claw clip in the base of the ponytail. Remember to keep the clip hidden and you have a perfect style to flaunt.

Grand Side Sweep

Side swept hair is commonly associated with men and it’s a perfect hairstyle for men. However, girls can also flaunt this beautiful look. The hairstyle is achieved by sweeping all the hair on top to a side and separating the small section of hair around the nape into a low ponytail to a side. Rest of the hair should then be used for camouflaging the ponytail.

So, getting excited to try one of these beautiful and cool hairstyles for girls? Yes, they are all simple and easy to achieve and you can get any of them at home only within a few minutes. See which of them suits best to your face shape and attracts you more than the others and achieve that look to flaunt your style both on events and in your daily life. You’ll love it when everyone will gaze at you wondering how exactly you achieved that cool look.



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