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Carnation Flower Meaning Symbolism Of Admiration

Carnation Flower Meaning

Carnation flower is also commonly referred to its scientific name, Dianthus which is derived from the two Greek words “dios” referring to god Zeus and “anthos” meaning flower. Carnation flower is also known as ‘The Flower of God’. The most common types of carnations present are annual carnations, border carnations, and perpetual flowering carnations. It is the birth flower for those born in January. It is popular due to various colours and each colour having a different significant meaning with wide and easy availability on physical and online florists.

Single Red Carnation Flower



Carnations have been used first historically by Greeks and Romans in garlands. The carnations of then only had shades of pale pink and peach while they are now available in a vast array of the colour options. Being native to Eurasia, they have been mentioned in various epics and legends.
According to Christian legend, carnations first appeared on Earth as Jesus carried the cross. Carnations sprang up where the tears of his mother Virgin Mary fell as she wept over her son’s plight. Its ruffled appearance, clove-like smell and the long blooming period have made it eternal in use.

The significance of the carnation flower 

Carnations have long been regarded as ringers of goodwill and admiration in the past times with their use in garlands or for showing gratitude/affection. Their growth in perception has been exceptional to become one of the most widely desired flowers across the globe.
Their significance in the times of now i.e. the century of technology and online interaction is still significant. They still hold prominence for personal interaction and occasions due to the various meanings and colours they are available in. While many forsee light red carnation flower meaning, immense admiration, carnation flower pink are for mother’s love, dark red carnation flower meaning for deep love and a woman’s affection. white carnation flower meaning good luck while green carnation flower meaning is an integral part of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. They have become symbolic of mother’s love and Mother’s day after Miss Anna Jarvis (The Founder of Mother’s Day) used carnations at the first Mother’s day celebration because they were her mother’s favorite flower.

Why and How To Buy Carnation Flower Online or offline?

Carnation flowers are the ultimate flower to gift your loved one on anniversaries, birthdays, marriages. They can be gifted to your wife or husband on Valentine’s Day, birthday, marriage anniversary and numerous other moments giving your feelings a voice and making the bondings stronger. The different number of hue allows you to choose a one for every occasion. They are affordable, sturdy and can make the events in your life more memorable.
They are available in brick and mortar shops on major occasions. While shops are alright, online flower selling websites offer the best prices, requirements to your fit and all of these at the comforts of your homes. Florist in India experiences a large rush for carnations as their general meaning of fascination, admiration and women’s love making them a perfect gift and offering for the millennials.

Carnations have been making bonds and attachments since centuries as humans always seek outlets to show their admiration and affection for others. Their use has saved several historical moments from going sour. Several people do send flower to the politicians which they think are standing for their right cause. Their use in garlands which are symbols of respect has been going on for centuries further showing their interwoven importance in our lives. While the technological advancements may have made its use a tad low, it is an eternal and vibrant source to let the person you admire know it.



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