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Still not satisfied with the captured video? Use various free video editing software to make your video more attractive. Many free video editing software is available to edit videos. They are easy to use and available free of cost.  You can even edit your YouTube video using so many YouTube video editor available. Free movie editing software allows you to edit a complete film that you have captured.

Video editing software is generally used by people’s or creative’s either to make home videos or to make VR experiences etc. there are many free editing software available that can be used for this purpose. For better videos use best free video editing software for your work.

There are also paid editing software as well as some open source video editing software’s also which can be used.


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Best free video editing software

Video editing is an interesting task. It becomes more when done with the best free video editor. The following provides details about top free video editing software available for video editing:

Shotcut free video editor

Shotcut is a free movie editor developed by Den Dennedy. It is an open source video editor with support for various formats. It is an ideal video editing software for windows, for Mac and as well as for Linux.

Shotcut offers a plethora of services which includes support for a wide range of video formats, frame accurate seeking, and no import required which implies native editing of video. It is a simple video editor with the sleek and intuitive interface providing multiple undockable panels.

You can also drag and drop assets from the file manager.

Shotcut was developed around 10 years back and is continuously updated since then. Its major advantage is that its user interface is modular which allows for easy workflow and managing it easier.

Audio and video can be easily customized with filters available in Shortcut. It also provides various import and export options.

You can download Shortcut without any malware and spyware:

 Movavi video editor

It is one of the best free video editing software for beginners. It provides all the features that are necessary for producing a high-quality video. Slideshow wizard, chroma key are some of its exciting features which can be used while video editing. It an easy video editing software for new users as well as for intermediate users.

It is an example of a good free video editing software providing so many features to its customers.

Unnecessary stuff in your video? Use this video editor to remove all the unnecessary elements from the video. It allows for free video editing removing all the elements in the images you have captured.

Is your image in the video are dull and hazy? Enrich the colors of the images until the desired image is achieved. You just need to drag the slider to improve contrast and colors of images.

Using this video editor software you can add text, titles, and catchy captions to your images.

Is there a movie maker for windows 10? Yes, it’s one of the free video editing software for windows 10.

It is also a free audio and video editing software as it provides more than 180 audio formats. This video audio editing software allows for video splitting and joining them again.

Using this best video editing software free you can ever share files on iTunes, YouTube, and Vimeo.

Download this video editing software for windows 10:

MAGIX movie edit pro video editor

MAGIX movie edit pro is a free non-linear video editor. A consumer-based video editor is developed by MAGIX software GmbH. It is one of the best non-linear editing software which is widely sold video editor software in Europe.

It is free video editing software for Windows and is compatible with the 64-bit version of operating system. It provides more than 1500 effects that can be applied to video images to make it more effective and attractive. This windows video editor provides so many transition effects which will make your video more interesting and attractive.

Its shot match features allow you to add your favorite shot from a film to your own video. Its lens reflection feature allows you to make your video look more realistic.

Click on the link for video editing software free download:

Corel VideoStudio Pro X10

Corel VideoStudio Pro X10 is one of the best video editing software for YouTube. This video editor for YouTube is easy to use and provides so many features like slo-mo, high-speed effects, more than 1500 effects to use. Media types like 360 degrees, 3K and 4K are supported.

This free video editing software provides a simplified user interface and workspace to do your video editing easily. Video editing programs like Corel VideoStudio provides excellent features such as split screen video, lens correction and video editing tools, multi-camera editing, speed modification etc. it is one of the best free video editing software for windows 10.

Download the free trial video editing software: Purchase the complete version at Amazon: It is one of the free video editing software for windows 7. Pinnacle is developed by Pinnacle systems. It is one of the free video editing software windows 10. Timelines based editing, drag and drop editing of HD videos, a collection of royalty free audio and DVD authoring are some of the excellent features that Pinnacle studio provides.

Provides customizable workspace along with multi-track video editing feature. It is also one of the best free audio editing software with so many powerful audio tools. This movie making software also allows you even to share your videos on multiple platforms.

Pinnacle provides expanded tilting option with new 3D title editor. Using it you can add #d titles to your videos. You can also add focus to selective areas in the video. Create a motion animation video with its paint effects.

Download the free trial video editing software: Purchase the complete version at Amazon:

VideoPad video editor

Still confused how to edit YouTube videos? Use this best free editing software for editing YouTube videos. It is a cross-platform video editor to edit your simple videos.

VideoPad video editor is developed by NCH software for use by people at home and professionals. Plug-in known as VirtualDub is associated with this video editing software for free. This video editing software can easily be integrated with other software’s developed by the same developer.

The other software with which it can be easily integrated is WavePad, one of the best free audio editing software, MixPad, one of the best free sound editing software, and PhotoPad which is an image editing software.

AVI, WMP, 3GP, and DivX are some of the popular audio formats supported by this YouTube editor. You can easily upload videos on YouTube, Facebook, and Flickr directly from the software itself.

In this software, the preliminary review of the selected video can be seen on one screen and the review of the complete track on the second screen. You can even edit and move videos to your DVD’s and Blu-ray.

In trial version of this software, the features get limited while in the non-trial version more advanced features are offered to the user.

In the trial version, only two audio formats are supported which are AVI and WMV. The non-trial edition supports a lot of many plug-ins while the trial version does not. Blu-ray disc can only be made with the non-trial version of the software.

VideoPad provides 50+ video transitions and effects to add to your captured movies. Some of these features include 3D video editing, stereoscopic conversion from 2D to 3D, editing 360-degree videos, adding texts for captions and movie credits and much more.

Its sound effects include adding echo, distortion, choral and many others to your audio. You can even record your own narration just with a single click of a button and add it to your movie. The free sound effect library provides various sound effects to use.

You can also easily use the preset video effects or can create your own chain of effects and can save them as templates for future use. The animation editor is available for both beginners and professionals at their use. Cross-fade, dissolve, zoom etc are some of the transitional effects that VideoPad provides to be added to your video slides. Transitional effects determine the way one image moves to the other in the video. Thus adding them can give a professional touch to your movie.

Download the free trial video editing software: Purchase the complete version at Amazon:

iMovie video editor

iMovie video editor is developed by Apple Inc. for Mac and iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad etc. iMovie is an apple movie making software which can import videos either using the FireWire interface of most digital cameras of from the computer’s USB port. You can even import audio’s and video’s from the hard drive.

It is a default movie making software for Mac but can also be downloaded for Windows but as such, no version is available for windows to date. You can use iMovie on windows through virtualization technology which runs Mac and thus can run iMovie. Parallels Desktop and VMware Fusion are the best virtualization software’s available.

Although virtualization technology can be used for running iMovie on windows you need to pay for the operating system as well as for the software also. Movavi video editor is the closest alternative video editor for iMovie that you can run on windows. Movavi video editors support almost all the features that are provided by iMovie video editor. Thus it is the best video editing software alternative for windows users.

Click on the link for video editing software free download: Buy the complete beginners guide for the free movie making software at Amazon:

Windows Movie Maker

How to edit videos on windows? Try the windows movie maker video editor software for easy video editing on windows. It is a windows video editing software providing bundles of features to users for making and editing their videos in order to add a professional touch to their videos.

It was known as Windows live movie maker for windows 7 and is one the easiest video editors for Windows 7. It is a part of Window essentials software suite and is also available for almost all versions for windows like for windows 10 also.

It was discontinued for download after 10 January 2017. It is replaced by Windows story remix in windows 10 photo’ app.

The interface of windows movie maker consists of 2 views, one is the storyboard view and other is the timeline view. The rest of the section is divided into collections which are needed to organize the imported video and the preview pane. The storyboard is divided into one video bar, one music/audio bar, and a title bar.

The captured image can be dragged and dropped anywhere in the timeline where they can be edited, duplicated and repositioned. To quickly create a movie, its AutoMovie feature is a great help.

It supports a variety of titles, effects, and transitions. Titles are text screens which are animated and is usually placed at the beginning or end of the movie. It can also be added to individual images. Transitions determine how one image gets transformed into another image. Effects show how the video is shown while being played.

Download the windows media player for Windows XP/Vista/windows 7 and windows 8 and windows 10 movie maker: Adobe premiere elements 2018 is great for those who are not experienced in video editing. It consists of all the basic features and functionalities that are required for creating highly personalized videos with a professional look.

It is almost similar to any other video editing software program. The feature which distinguishes adobe premiere elements video editing from other programs is it provides a pack of tutorial videos along with automatic curation and content creation features.

It provides a hassle-free organization as you can explore through so many folders to select your desired images for adding in the video. Its auto curate feature makes the photos automatically curated based on smart tags, faces and much more. This prevents you from searching for standouts to be used in your images, slideshows etc. Its organizer is user-friendly and allows you to find your all photos very easily. It allows you to find your photos based on faces, events, and places. Using the Photoshop elements of it you can edit your images by applying various kinds of filters and effects.  It provides automated option and step by step guide for easy video editing.

Buy adobe premiere elements 2018 at Amazon:

Nero video 2018

Nero video 2018 can help you create even better projects, videos, and movies. Nero video 2018 provides Nero MediaHome, a media library where you can store imported photos and videos. You can import your photos and videos from various devices like mobile phones, hard drives, using USB cable and camcorders. Using this media library you can even store movies and TV series and watch them.

You can use advanced video editing features to give a professional look to your videos. Tilt-shift, old movies, slow motion are some of the advanced effects that can be used to edit your videos and can be applied to it. It provides more than 50 design templates that can be used to individually edit your images.

It provides high-quality formats to save your videos after creating it. You can even create DVD and Blu-ray discs with the most high-quality formats like 4k, full HD etc.  using the Nero CoverDesigner feature of Nero video 2018 you can even design covers for your disk and DVDs.

The Nero streaming player app allows you to play your movies and videos on your TVs, laptops, Smartphone’s etc. It is suitable for use only with private and non-copyright-protected content.

Buy Nero Video 2018 at Amazon:

PowerDirector 16 ultra

Video editing software developed by Cyberlink. Using PowerDirector you can trim, join and overlay clips and images. It is one of the video editing software for Windows 10 and also for windows 7.

PowerDirector is one of the leading video editing software for editing 360-degree videos. You can import, edit, export and stabilize your 360-degree videos using its True360 technology. It provides pre-designed templates suitable for capturing your events. Along with designs in templates, it is accompanied by various kinds of effects and transitions. It provides more than 7 tools which allow you to create great travel videos and capture your traveling experience in a great way.

Best suited for creating action videos by using its action cam center. PowerDirector site has launched various versions and editions and 16 ultra is recent. Through PowerDirector 16 ultra you can even directly upload your videos to Facebook or YouTube.

You can also save your video to cloud storage provided by Cyberlink. Its capacity to store is up to 25 GB. Its subscription is free for 1 year. The latest version supports a slow motion, pan tools as well as zoom tools along with video blending feature.

Download the free trial video editing software: Purchase the complete version at Amazon:

Free video editor online

All the software’s popular for video editing need to be first downloaded and then installed on the system itself. For editing a short video, instead of downloading the software you can try free video editor online. Online editors provide you the advantage of editing your video without downloading the software. Some of them are:

  1. YouTube video editor
  2. WeVideo
  3. PowToon
  4. Wideo
  5. ClipChamp
  6. Online video cutter
  7. Kizoa
  8. Creaza
  9. Video Toolbox
  10. Magisto

There is a number of free online video editor available. These were the top 10 free online video editor which can be used to create professional videos.

Stages of video editing

A video editor must not only know the basic skills and rules of how to edit videos but also the various stages of editing to create a professional video. To create a professional video you must be patient enough to modify and shape each and every element of the video which you are editing.

Each stage of video editing refines the work done in the previous stage. Thus following the proper sequence of stages of video editing creates a professional video. Various stages of video editing are as follows:

The Logging stage:

This is the initial stage where the video editor views the video for the first time. The first task of the movie editor is to organize the clips into folders. The main purpose of doing so is to organize them in proper sequence in the video. This stage of video editing usually helps to decide the sequence of images in the final video.

The first assembly stage:

The clips which were arranged in the logging stage is now added to the storytelling blocks. In this stage of video editing, the editors determine the flow of clips in the video to create the best story. It reviews all the stuff captured during the process and decides which clips, which audio tracks are needed to be used in the final movie. Before selecting the images and audio tracks the movie editor must be clear about the storyline and the actual message that is to be shown in the final video. It is entirely upon the editor how to arrange the images in order to create the best story. The editor also decides whether the captured images are sufficient for the decided storyline or some more images needed to be captured.

The rough cut stage:

In the rough cut stage, a rough draft of the final video is prepared. The editor views the selected images in the determined order to check whether it is correct or not. It is checked whether the clips are placed in the determined sequence or not. Whether the placement of audio clips and transitions is correct or not? Further variations and modifications that are to be done to the video are also determined at this stage. It is an important stage as all the elements of the video and their order is fixed at this point. Determining changes after this stage may prove to be costly for the owner.

The fine cut stage:

In this stage, all the changes and modifications that have to be done are revised and is approved by the editor and the director. In this stage, every minute details of each scene are checked and verified. After this stage, no changes and modifications can be made to the video. After this stage, the video is much closer to the final resultant video.

The final cut stage: after all the visual editing and required modifications, now is the time for music and audio track editing. In this stage, the sound department does all the necessary tasks of adding the proper music to the prepared video. Complete formatting of the video is done in this stage. After adding of sound and all the necessary formatting being performed the video is considered final and now no changes can be made to it. This stage produces the final product which is ready to be distributed.

Types of video editing

You can edit your video in various ways. Several methods and techniques exist to edit video and provide it with a professional touch. Some of them are:

  1. Linear video editing: makes use of a single tape in which various clips are added in the sequence they are to be shown.
  2. Non-linear video editing: done through specialized software’s which are installed on the system.
  3. Offline editing: here the raw footage is copied from an original source, without damaging the original video. After the editing is complete the original media is then re-assembled in the online editing stage.
  4. Online editing: the full resolution video is reassembled in this process after it has been edited in the offline process.
  5. Vision mixing: a process which cuts live feed from various cameras in real time.


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