The Best GPS Navigation Apps For Android

We know that using conventional paper maps ceased to be practical and fun for quite some time. The most essential thing is to use your best cell phone to keep you on the route. Therefore, you can quickly reach that important meeting or that appointment that awaits you in the restaurant 

Do you want to know which is the Best GPS Navigation Apps are for Android? Are you looking for a GPS navigator that will take you on the fastest route without complications? Do you get tired of turning that map that your grandmother gives you and you still do not know how get to the museum you want to meet? 

Here we present the list of the best GPS navigation apps for android.

Already most of the advanced smart device comes with GPS navigation apps. Those IoT based GPS help to record data, serve you possible task & monitor your position.

Google Maps

The GPS navigation apps from the giants of the industry are google. One of those that offer us more advantages in the mobile community, due to its compatibility with almost any Android device. Where millions of users rely on google maps to reach their destinations.

This Google GPS navigation provides us with a great amount of information, about traffic, public transport, information about tourist places, hospitals, restaurants, fast food places, hotels, among many other things.

It also allows users to add their reviews, photographs, tips, and assessments of each place they visit. So it will be much easier for us to decide if we enter that restaurant, or if it will be worthwhile to enter the museum at a certain time or if it is better to wait until the next day.

You can have the maps in offline mode. You also have the option of Street view from where you can get real-time images of interiors of restaurants, shops, museums, among others.


With “here we go” you will find, all the ways to move around the city in a single application. Whether you go in a taxi, drive a motorcycle, go in your car or on a bicycle. With this application, you will find the fastest route to get to your destination

With your voice command, the application will instruct you step by step in real time about each detour, crossing or intersection with which you should run. So you can move forward without stress.

It will also allow you to download maps of the place to use them without a data connection or in areas where the signal is not optimal.

Also compare different options for data such as distance, time, traffic or price if you traveled by taxi or public transport, so you always make the best decision.

The Best GPS Navigation Apps For Android


With “waze” you will have GPS maps, navigation and live alerts. Finally, you know the exact route to the place you are going. Waze will be extremely useful as it can alert you about vehicular traffic, works on the track, lane reductions and until police supervision, all in real time.

Its fast connection with the servers allows you to vary your route instantly so that you avoid traffic congestion. It allows you to choose from a wide variety of voices to guide you and has the option of viewing your maps offline.


NavFree with more than 15 million downloads that support it and four well-earned stars. The free GPS navigator that is of enormous help for all trips you want to run. Having world navigation with offline maps and Street views, this browser will be your ally in each journey.

Navfree is a totally free GPS navigator, without costs or hidden charges. It will allow you visual navigation or voice navigation, and even both at the same time. Using OMS maps that are created by the millions of users that day after day cross the streets, roads, and highways of the entire planet.

Your maps in HD are extremely detailed, with 3D plans, and autoroutes design, this application will serve to take us to our destination in the shortest time possible. It does not matter; Nav free will automatically redesign the route and set us up again.

From your direct connections with Google and Foursquare, the navfree application will always have perfect indications. So that we can decide where to eat, where to stay and even where to find a bathroom. In addition, the best thing is that we can leave the entire map preloaded in the memory. So that do not use our data in roaming.

TomTom Go Mobile

Tomtom goes Mobile is a GPS application that will let you know anywhere on the planet about the roads that surround you, from highways, roads, streets, main roads, urban roads, rural roads and even routes for cyclists.

It has a large number of maps per location of the global positioning system. Plus, you can download to use without maps the maps of more than 150 countries around the globe.

The data provided by the millions of users who use Tomtom allow the state of the tracks to be kept up-to-date day by day. So that practically a closed road due to construction or maintenance will surprise you.

It also has an advanced warning system that alerts you if you are near any fixed or mobile camera of the transit system. Or even the police radars to slow down and avoid some unnecessary fines.

Your predictive system technically learns about your driving habits and your favorite routes. So that you can program a route adapted to you every time you want to reach a certain place.

Its geo-tagging system allows you to reach the places where your contacts have been in the photos of your social networks. If your neighbor posted a photograph of a delicious salad, Tomtom will take you directly to the restaurant.  Where it was taken so you can taste it without a problem.

Tomtom offers 75 free kilometers of monthly navigation, to obtain unlimited browsing services you must buy a membership for a month or for a whole year, although we recommend this Best GPS Navigation Apps because you will not regret it.



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