How to start an Ayurvedic Pharma Manufacturing company in India

In the recent times, People across the world have become more conscious over the medicines and their long-term health impacts. Along with this, the digital world has provided connectivity to a larger audience who can share their experiences and viewpoints about medicines frequently. Lately, it has been seen that Ayurveda has emerged as the new resort to the health needs of the people. This has paved way for Ayurvedic Medicine Companies to raise their worth.

Step-wise way to establish an Ayurvedic Medicine manufacturing company

If you wish to start an Ayurvedic Manufacturing Firm of your own then you will have to follow certain easy going yet necessary steps. Here is the stepwise business Plan for the Ayurvedic Manufacturing Company to be established-

  1. Choosing the name of the company
  2. Fix the list of the products you wish to launch
  3. Search the location where you wish to start you Ayurvedic manufacturing company
  4. Applying for the GST registration Number
  5. Registration of the Company
  6. Getting the third-party manufacturing of your product

The first and foremost thing is to choose the name of the company you are going to launch. There should be one certainty that how you arrive at the decision of choosing the name. The name must suit the type of Pharma products you are going to deal with. That goes by saying that the name of your company must align with the product list.

There are Pharma products like- injectables, syrups, syringes, capsules, tablets, or other, is to be finalized. And in which domain they will be must be decided clearly. You are advised to do a market survey before actually launching for this category. Now, on the basis of your existing knowledge and market demand for Ayurvedic Medicines, one should proceed with the launching of Ayurvedic product for the company.

Next task in the row is to look for the location to establish an Ayurvedic manufacturing firm. The location is actually finalised on the basis of some indicators like- Norms of government with respect to ease of doing business, tax benefits, availability of cheap land (on rent or purchase), Labour availability (Skilled or unskilled), Means of transportation, proximity to the marketplace and availability of easy loan or finance. After the careful analysis of these factors, one can arrive at the fixed decision of Location.

GST Number is a must according to the latest guidelines and directions of the government. This can be done with the help of experts. Afterward, Registration of the company is done with the concerned authorities and the department. For Ayurvedic, it is the AYUSH department of the state where the registration is required to be done and also the license can be obtained from that.

Now, one can look for registration of a trademark or any product patent.  Meanwhile, the third-party manufacturing of the product can also be looked for by the Ayurvedic Pharma manufacturing company.


Ayurveda has continued to win the heart and mind of the people across the globe. It has been looked upon as the future of the medical industry. One can take Ayurvedic Pharma Franchise as the lucrative industry. In order to establish it for oneself the deciding things would be – the name, location, list of products and then be doing away with the formalities like- Taking GST number, registration of Trade Marks/ Patents (if any), registration of the name of the company etc. Hereby, it is advisable to take the help of the experts as and when required so as to simplify and de-burden the process.




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