How To Master The Art Of Travel

After reading enough columns and a few blog posts you might think that being a smart traveler is just a game of following some numbers. Just like you can sell any car online or do any other numeric task, traveling seems like an easy formula anyone can follow. But travel is an art, not a science.

When you start planning your summer trips, you slowly realize there is more behind these numbers than just buying a manual or clicking on a blog. Even reading the most popular travel columns won’t give the ideal. The ability to be a good traveler is sometimes inherited from the parents. We all have a gene sometimes referred to as DRD4-7R gene, also called “wanderlust gene”. It is thought that the modern traveling influencers have that gene and curiosity also plays an important role in developing this gene.

The Art Of Travel

So what’s that the art of travel and how can we master it? It all comes down to our perspective and purpose of travel, knowing the right people and processes, and having a productive attitude. Knowing the perspective and purpose helps to know why we travel. It helps us to understand pleasures that include anticipation, movement, break from the usual, discovery, and novelty.

Traveling makes people realize the real reason why they travel. It all revolves around an art. This art is about harmony. The harmony refers to all of the moving parts that work in tandem and the moments of serenity that are partnered with the feelings of delight, surprise, and thrill.

All this could be a coincidence but it is true whatsoever. The art is there. It means living every moment during your travel to the fullest. It involves following your passion and growing as a person and traveler. Sometimes a common traveler is oblivious to this art until a good travel agent guides him. You need to know why you travel and how. A competent agent does exactly the same. He helps you to know how you can enjoy those experiences. If you do not hire a pro, make sure you are an excellent planner. You have to be in order to become a virtuoso.

Planning and prep go a long way. The smaller details define the crucial facets of your travel. Did you leave a copy of your important travel docs with a friend? Do you have a recent color photo with you? Will your cell phone work where you are going? Did you make a “before I leave the house” checklist and follow it? That’s expert staff.

Attitude Matters

Be humble yet curious. You are not perfect and it’s impossible or you to research everything before you travel to a destination. The world is not an open book. It is full of mysteries. Embrace them. Be open to those mysteries. It means doing something on the spur of the moment. It’s something you have never imagined doing yourself. So get out of your comfort zone and ask questions. Do not only stay glued to your phone.

Travel artists are not those people who do everything right on the road. They only travel for the right reasons. What separates from the rest of us is their attitude. If you want to master the art of travel, just travel more.

Traits of travel artists

What makes one a successful travel artist? Here are the traits.

They are confident: Every travel enthusiast shows unfaltering confidence. The real art of travel is transforming the state of change and uncertainty into one of comfort and confidence. Once you have that confidence, you will be well on your way to mastering the art of travel.

They are not glued to their gadgets: True travelers do not show off. They had an element of regaling stories of remote adventures. Their personal development is not clouded by the Facebook humble brags and Instagram selfies. Real travel artists savor the travel experience, don’t just Instagram them.

They don’t check a bag: There is also an art of packing simply and efficiently and taking only what is needed. It not only saves time during check-in and at a destination, but also allows you to enjoy travel more. And lastly, it eliminates the chance that a bag gets lost.




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