Must Have Apps for Android Phones

Must Have Apps for Android Phones: There are tons of apps on the Google Play store. Free apps are great to download New Android users get confused to select and download paid apps. Many have one doubt, Are they worth the money? No problem here is a list of top paid apps, no need to think before buying them.

Titanium Backup Pro

Titanium Backup is the most famous backup tool app for Android devices. You can backup, restore, freeze your apps, data and Market links. This includes all protected apps & system apps, plus external data on your SD card. A must-have app to backup your data. They major difference between free and paid app is free version is extremely limited and paid version comes with ton of great features like app freezer, scheduled backups and send backups to a cloud service like Dropbox.

Tasker App

Tasker is a device automation app. It can perform a variety of tasks like Day Context, Location Context, launch an app, toggle WiFi, reboot and mute your device. Tasker actually comes only in paid version.

Kika Emoji Keyboard

Kika Emoji Keyboard is a default keyboard replacement app. It can analyze your typing patterns and learn from it, providing you with the most accurate predictive text. It also supports multiple languages. Kika Emoji keyboard especially popular for it unique emoji library.

Duolingo app

Duolingo don’t need any introduction.Duolingo is used by five and a half million people already. The app is actually loads of fun because it’s not a simple lecture, wall-of-text type. It’s actually made in a form of a game, where you’ll guess the right word for objects, animals, and more.

Mondly app

This one is relatively unknown, at least it was to us before we saw how good it really is. Mondly app will allow you to learn English with free, daily lessons. You start with core words, then learn how to form sentences correctly. Once the base knowledge is sound, they will allow you to use chatbots and start a conversation. It’s very useful for both beginners, but for those that are traveling to a new country as well. You’ll learn how the pronunciation, understand the grammar behind and expand your vocabulary. Trust us, you’ll be thankful in the future.

Crestron app

So long as Crestron is on a device which is connected to the internet, it can control the home automation it is connected to. This app allows the user to lower any light in the house, or change the temperature to whatever they want it to be. They can also set an alarm or turn it off, play music, or anything else that their home automation allows them to do. Crestron promises the best in both user-friendliness and results, and the company that made it has managed to create an app which both comprehensive and intuitive.

WhatsApp App

One of the new apps on this list, WhatsApp released their voice calling service quite recently. This app is right app there with Skype and Viber in terms of user base and offers a decent voice calling service as well. The app had already established itself as one of the best messaging service in the app store, but now it’s also gaining ground on voice calling as well. They have introduced video calling in the app, but it’s still very new so, let’s wait and see.

Amazon Underground

Amazon underground is a great way to find hundreds of great paid apps for free. You can select from a variety of paid apps from the underground store and get them absolutely free of cost. Amazon introduced this store as an upgrade of the previous offer “free app of the day” where you can also get these type of promotions. By offering the free apps, they are not limiting the access to any of the paid features of the apps. You get the ultimate access as any paid users get. This is not any stolen or cracked versions of the apps. The developers are also getting paid for each of your installs and based on the time you spent on the app.

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