6 Ways That will Help You to Uplift Your Business Blog

Content marketing today is one of the greatest marketing strategies any business can make use of, and no adjective can ever describe the advantages it holds. Indeed, well-penned content has always been the king of marketing and thus, is a perfect spot where you can grind your earning potentials.

An active business blog on your website has many advantages. It not only portrays you as a legitimate resource or business but also delivers you a stage where you can compete with every other company in your niche. Also, a blog is a better way to develop an audience base who will buzz around for you and your business.

Now, who does not want such a fan base?

Most of the businesses today have an active blog running on their website, and they always hustle to pour in good quality and informative content into it. Well, hustling is good, but the same hustle only when combined with right steps will brew the desired results. Thus, if you want to take your lead conversion out of the roof, it becomes necessary to cure all those minor hitches when blogging.

Here is a list of 6 blogging sins all the business make and how to sail through them.

Now, Who the Hell has Written this Blog?

You commit your first blogging sin when you do not list an author on any of your blog post. You need to remember that people don’t buy goods and services they pay for the story behind a particular good or service. Why the sales for Wayfarer sunglasses shot up 50% back in 1983? Just because Tom Cruise starred in the risky business advertisement for ray ban, and peoples crush over him did rest of the job.

Similarly, if a knowledgeable person will write a blog post on your website, it will force the audience to think.  Thus, never ever publish blog posts without an author name. No matter who the author is, a real and authentic author will help to build credibility. Also, mentioning an author on a blog post looks way more professional than just mentioning the word “media” on the same.

Get Your Categories and Tags Sorted

Sorting categories and tags beforehand will help you to organize your blog thus making it less messy and polluted. If the blog deals with various categories are it Romance, Lifestyle, Technology or any other niche, make sure each category has a proper tab. The primary point of blog categories is to help the user to find information that he/she is interested in.

Now when you will dig further into categories, you will notice tags. Tags are used to highlight more specific content within categories. For example, one of your categories is “Love” with a tag titled “Family”. Now, this sounds a lot more relatable, right?

The more sorted the categories are, the more healthy and attractive a blog will look. Thus, make sure a blog should not contain tons of categories.

Overuse of Paragraphs

If you go on writing paragraphs within paragraphs with no graphics, bullets, headings or subheadings attached, then you are just performing a stunt which won’t win applauds from the audience. To spice up the things you need to consider the points penned below. I had used it to when I was busy to writing cdr summary statement content.

  • Use relatable media. Creative writing is good, but when combined with the right situational graphics, it will enhance the blog post altogether. Images and graphics are the excellent ways to jump from one situation to another.
  • Inserts bullets. Bullets or numbered list is a better way to format content as it makes the information more concise.
  • Use subheadings. Subheadings are used to inform the readers what to expect in the following section of the content.
  • Add appropriate links. Links can be used to relate one post to another and also allows the readers to check the sources for a certain topic.

Self Promotional Posts

There is a difference between informing the audience about a product and blabbering about the same. The audience will start losing interest in your blog if you keep promoting the services you deal with every now and then.

A self-promotional blog post will work only if there is a value attached to it. You need to be creative when writing a blog for promotional purpose. Nevertheless, if the post is not that creative and only promotional, Google plus will be the right place to post it.

Size Your Graphics Accordingly        

Every site has a graphic dimension and acknowledging that specific dimension will make your blog post look professional and a lot cleaner. Not every website-like WordPress-give you the freedom to resize images at the time of posting thus you need to be pre-prepared. Also, you need to make sure the image you are using loads quickly.

Pixilation is also a sin which needs to be taken care off. Pixilation occurs when the image is sized beyond its resolution capacity. You can simply use a tool such as Firefox Firebug to measure the width of your blog post. The tool will help you choose the right image for the post.

What is the Goal?

Increasing the traffic to the site using a blog, promotion, leads conversion, search engine optimization, and customer engagement. These are some common goals on why most of the companies host a blog for. Is your content connected with any of these goals? Let us know in the comment section.

These were some common mistakes most of the websites commit to their active blog. A blog is a great marketing strategy but only when done in the right manner. Thus, if you have an active blog make sure you get the above-penned problems sorted.




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