6 Tips to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Our vision is almost the most valuable thing that we have, but we usually do not care about it properly. We often hear and read about how to take care of your body and its organs, but what do you do to keep your eyes healthy?

Most tips on how to take care of your vision, boil down to “do not look too much TV” or “do not sit so much at the computer or on your smartphone.” 

They, of course, make sense, but the reality is that we have to spend a lot of time in front of the computer monitor – working, studying and other activities and these routine affects our health and mostly affect our vision.

Therefore, we want to talk about how, even in such conditions, to keep the eyes healthy.

1. Take care of a healthy diet

Nutrition affects vision very much. After all, we get vitamins and other nutrients necessary to our eyes with food.

Very useful for eye carrots, because this vegetable is rich in vitamins A and C. These vitamins help to maintain eyesight and improve the condition of the eyes. Make your habit to eat sea off in your meal in twice of day, as a result, you will feel healthier eyesight in a month or in twice a week.

But nutrition affects the eyesight not only in this way. If our diet is unbalanced, and we often eat garbage, the risk of diseases such as glaucoma increases.

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2. Use as much as possible sunglasses

Sunglasses are not only a fashion accessory. They help to reduce the harmful effects of ultraviolet sunlight on your eyes. Going out, put on sunglasses, even if the sun hides behind the clouds.

When you buy these glasses, choose those that protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays by at least 90%.

And it’s good if they are anti-reflective. Such glasses will not only protect the eyes from ultraviolet radiation but also neutralize water reflections and reflections on different reflective surfaces.
Try to wear those glasses who made of the mirror, not plastic. The reason is plastic glasses have very low resistance as compared to glasses.

3. Consult a specialist about the condition of your vision

Only an ophthalmologist can accurately determine in what state your vision is. He does this with a fairly simple procedure.

Examination of vision is as follows:

  • It is necessary to look at the images through the lenses.
  • Read the letters of different sizes.
  • The doctor examines the eyes and measures the intraocular pressure with the help of an appropriate apparatus; it does not hurt.

That’s all the survey. You can see that there is nothing much worried that about you can be afraid. 

If you want to undergo an in-depth examination of the eye, you will have to take measures to dilate the pupils.

Drops are added to the eyes, which dilate the pupil. As a result, the doctor gets a good view of the fundus. However, this procedure is rather rare and maybe he gives some healthy medicines.

It is done when a doctor has a suspicion of some serious illness or when intraocular pressure is increased.

4. If you use glasses or lenses, watch them

Using glasses and lenses does not mean that everything is bad with your eyes. In most cases, they are worn to better see or to prevent vision impairment.

It does not matter if you wear glasses or contact lenses – most importantly, they should always be clean. Thus, you will avoid having your vision overextended, and in the case of contact lenses – avoid possible infection.

It is recommended at least once a year to undergo an examination with an ophthalmologist to check the condition of his vision and pick up, if necessary, new glasses or lenses.

5. Use the monitor and screen correctly

As we already mentioned, in our time it is almost impossible to do without devices that have a monitor or screen (computer, TV, tablet, mobile phone).

But this does not mean that we cannot protect our eyesight by working with a screen or monitor.

When we watch TV, the distance from the eyes to the screen should be about one meter.  

Often, we use mobile phones in the dark, but it is important to know that this is harmful to vision. It is best to have backlit screens.

Now the screens of most devices allow you to adjust the level of their illumination. Use this tool to make your eyes less tired.

Most importantly, we should avoid spending all the time in front of these gadgets the reason is when we feel upset we do use the phone or watch tv, furthermore when we’re any sort of stress we do spend our entire day using the phone or watching movies in front of the screen. Try to avoid these things and find a better path for your problems

6. Moisturized eyes = Healthy eyes

The eyes must be constantly moistened. If you begin to feel dry or burning in your eyes – blink.

If blinking is already bad for you, ask your ophthalmologist to recommend “artificial tears” that you can regularly moisturize your eyes.      

If you spend many hours at a computer, drop a drop of these “tears” into each eye every three hours or every time you feel dryness in your eyes. It will help you keep your eyes healthy.

As you can see, all these tips that help to keep your eyes healthy are very simple and easy to follow.

It is important to take care of your eyes no less than about other organs and parts of the body. Follow these tips and your eyes will be healthy.

Pro Tip:

Regular blinking is very important for eyeballs to be moistened and the eyes stay healthy. If you spend a lot of time in front of the screen or monitor, do not forget to blink often.

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