6 Autumn Flowers That Will Make You Fall In Love

The arrival of autumn and the beginning of the cold do not have to mean that we cannot enjoy the beauty of flowers.

Some plants will allow us to enjoy their beautiful and radiant colors during this time and here you will find a selection of 6 autumn flowers that will surely make you fall in love.


This flower is a cross between wild thought and violets. Thanks to the experiments made around 200 years ago, we can have today this beautiful variety that starts with its flowering in autumn and lasts until the middle of spring.

This plant varies in size between 10 and 30 centimeters and can be found in different colors, for example, violet, yellow, white, orange and blue, with softer or stronger variations.

As its name indicates, this flower leads to reflection, to nostalgia. However, to decorate a garden is a beautiful addition; although many flowers do not come out, they will be large and will give life and color to your garden.


This flower has so many waving petals as meanings according to their colors or where you are. It is a flower that can symbolize positive things, such as gratitude, love, beauty, and abundance. And in some places, it could end up symbolizing loneliness or frigidity.

Beyond the symbolism, this flower is very beautiful to decorate gardens and very popular in autumn. It can be found in shades of pink, lilac (sometimes shooting blue, sometimes blue) and white.

Although it is an outdoor plant, it has been cultivated indoors. If you have the hydrangeas in a vase so that they last longer you should spray them frequently. These flowers need enough moisture to stay fresh longer.


These elegant flowers will be seen in late summer and will be in your garden throughout the fall. They need around 5 hours of sunlight so, if you have them inside, try to place them somewhere that receives sun. They are easy to care and require little water.

Its colors vary between beige, violet, fuchsia, red and yellow. Its petals grow in harmony, opening in layers from the center and the flower looks like a pomponcito of radiant color. Something very good about this flower is that it is very durable: it can come to accompany you for up to two months.


These precious flowers symbolize gratitude, passion and affection. We find them in different sizes and shapes, and colors such as violet, white, red, orange, yellow and pink. In some cases, they may have more than one color.

They are plants that need a lot of sunlight and some can grow quite a lot, up to a meter or even a meter and a half.

Do not require too much care; they need to be watered 3 times a week, although depending on the specific Dahlia type, there may be some variation in their care. However, one must be careful not to pour too much water on it so as not to drown it. You just have to take care that the earth is always wet.


This flower with six petals and with contrasting tones in them is a very striking decoration both in a garden and in the interior of the home. Giving one of these flowers is a symbol of friendship.

Their colors are among yellows, oranges, reds, violets, pinks and whites. Each stem usually has between 6 and 8 flowers, so with a few, you can beautify any place. In addition, its duration is around two weeks.


This is a very popular flower and one of the favorites of the autumn time. The chrysanthemum symbolizes optimism, joy and longevity. Its colors range from white, yellow, pink and purple. Although yellow has a slightly different meaning and points more to a loving rejection.

But to decorate a garden or a home, these flowers are very colorful and leave a nice and cheerful appearance in sight.

Its flowering starts at the end of summer and ends until winter. On the other hand, these flowers in a vase can last up to three weeks.


No need to wait for spring to enjoy a colorful show. The magnificent shades and the joy and vivacity that flowers give us, luckily, we can enjoy during the autumn with these beautiful varieties. Their colors are quite varied and contrast with the typical orange and brown colors of autumn.



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