5 Reasons Why People Choose Gifts of iPhones Instead of Android

If you are thinking of giving a gift of smartphone and the Android phones are on your list, you might want to check this out- 5 reasons you may want to get your hands on an iPhone rather than an Android phone.

When it comes to purchasing an advanced and stylish phone, many people think one of the best options is to buy an Apple iPhone. It’s not difficult to see why, because the iPhone is very sophisticated, has a lot of amazing features, and also has the added benefit of being manufactured by a company that is considered very popular and fashionable at the moment. So, like billions of people, if you are a die-hard fan of iPhone and using it for many years, I am sure you will never want to switch to Android.

Continue reading the following article….. here I am going to explain the 5 reasons why people buy iPhone instead of Android phones.

Where to Buy Cheap iPhones for a Gift?

If you are one of those people who are really interested in having an iPhone but simply unable to afford the expensive prices of the latest iPhone models, you should know that there some places where you can get cheap reconditioned iPhones. Though you can visit eBay or Craigslist sites to find the cheapest deals on used mobile phones, the best option is to look for authorized smartphone dealers online. They sell factory refurbished iPhones and Android phones at reasonable prices, some even offer half of the retail price. Prefer to choose the one that will offer a decent warranty on refurbished phones.

5 Reasons Why People Buy iPhones for Giving Gifts Instead of Android Phones

If you want to give gifts rather than iPhone then I will recommend you to visit: birthday gifts ideas for better ideas. Well, iPhones have become one of the most popular smartphones on the market. Apple does an extraordinary job in keeping their users wanting to get a hold of the next iPhone models that come out. Despite falling short in some software and hardware attributes that some iPhone enthusiasts are dying to see, Apple continues to sell millions of units each time it launches a new model. Let’s consider the top5 reasons why people buy iPhones gift instead of Android phones:

1. iPhone Design Is Better Than Android Smartphones

One thing that really makes Apple iPhones stand out from the rest of the crowd is the design. They are sleek, slim, and have a nice glass finish as compared to Android smartphones. Every year when new iPhone models hit the market, we all witness the improvements and modifications in the iPhone design. They do a great job with making it eye candy. With the most recent model iPhone X, Apple has completely transformed the iPhone’s traditional design as it features a bezel-less display without having the home button.

2. iPhone Is Easy to Use

While Android mobile phones are relatively easy to use, they are is still not nearly as intuitive as the iPhone. The Apple iPhone is intuitive, it’s simple and the design is so tasteful that you can stick with it, so you can teach yourself how to use it. In addition, it is a matter of preference. Just like with computers; some people prefer Windows and some like MacBook. The same case is with the mobile phones; if you are an iPhone user, you will surely never want to switch to Android smartphones.

3. iPhone Is More Secure

Apple believes privacy and security are fundamental to the iPhones, this is why new models are coming with more potential security measures. In the previous iPhone versions, you will find the fingerprint sensors that ensure utmost security and privacy to the iPhone users. While Apple has also introduced the FaceID scanner in its latest iPhone X to unlock the phone. Furthermore, you can also use Find My iPhone feature of the iPhone to keep tracking it. It is an amazing option that helps you find your iPhone if it gets lost or stolen.

Conversely, if you look at Android phones, you will realize that Android companies lack down in terms of their phones’ security and privacy, as well as no Android phone has the most advanced Face Recognition feature for unlocking like the iPhone X. 

4. iPhone Offers a Wider Selection of Apps

Although the Android users are able to select between 3.8 million apps in the first quarter of 2018, the Apple Store also has over 2 million available apps. The best thing is that iPhone Apps are more secured, bugs-free, and appealing than the Android apps. So, you can easily find so many apps for your choices, whether you want gaming apps or social apps.

5. iSO Regular Updates

Yes, Apple allows all iPhone users to enjoy the latest iOS updates for free. When there is a new software update available, every iPhone user can get it with a simple download. The best thing for iOS regular updates is that it ensures your iPhone is much faster, and the best in performance. Compare this with Android, Android updates comes at the choice of the manufacturer, sometimes, you could be waiting for months for the next version of Android software.

These are only a few reasons why the iPhone continues to beat the Android smartphones in the mobile phone industry. As Apple continues to evolve their phones and keep on coming out with ground-breaking features to keep the iPhone on the top of the market, consumers will continue to rush at their stores before the launch of their anticipated devices so that they can get their hands on them.

Which iPhone model do you want to buy? Let us know in the comments below.



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