The 5 Key Factors to Buy the Best Sled Vacuum Cleaner

The structure of the vacuum cleaner

It is essential that the vacuum cleaner is perfectly integrated into the spaces of your home. It is not the same if you have a house with 2 or more floors if your apartment is tiny and full of obstacles.

A vacuum cleaner that is too bulky or that is difficult to move due to its weight, will end up becoming another piece that will occupy space in your house without rendering any use.

You also do not want the vacuum cleaner to get tangled up in the furniture or to tip over the slightest obstacle.

Specifying, within the structure of the vacuum cleaner must take into account the following points:

  • The weight – a sled vacuum can weigh between 5 and 7 kilos. There are lighter compact models, whose performance is usually lower (in general).
  • The dimensions – there are vacuum cleaners that do not go well in narrow spaces and maneuvering with them is complicated.
  • The dimensions at rest – One thing is the vacuum cleaner when it is being used, and another is when we need to store it. You should check if it is easy to save in the place you have planned for that purpose
  • The length of the cable and the suction tube – Both determine the maximum reach of the vacuum cleaner and allow you to have an idea of the radius of action of the vacuum cleaner without having to change the socket.
  • The length of the tube also gives you an idea of the possibilities when it comes to reaching difficult places.
  • Ergonomics – On the one hand you should check the handle (the place where you will hold it while you suck). It should be comfortable and that suits your hand well. On the other hand, the vacuum cleaner must have a handle that allows you to lift it quickly.
  • The wheels – See if the wheels can overcome any of the usual obstacles of a house (cables, carpets) and if they turn quickly. All this contributes to making the task more comfortable.
  • It is essential that the wheels do not damage delicate parquet floors.

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The provision of accessories (nozzles and brushes)

It is not the same to clean a hard floor than a carpeted one. It is very different to aspire the hairs of your dog on the sofa that suck the breakfast crumbs.

Evaluate what your needs are. What do you need to clean?

The best sled vacuum cleaner is not the one with the most accessories, but the one with the ones you need.

All the vacuum cleaners come with a universal brush that usually has two positions to adapt to the type of floor (hard or soft). However, this brush is insufficient when you live with pets that release a lot of hair; you need to clean the upholstery of the furniture or the bedspread.

There are specific nozzles in each particular case (wooden floors, carpets, upholstery, etc.)

In some cases, the nozzle has a motorized brush that improves the performance of the vacuum cleaner considerably.

Along with these brushes and nozzles, there is another narrower to reach places of difficult access and that serve to complete the cleaning of the previous ones so that there is no dirt in the smallest places or on the shelves or picture frames.

You should not only check the accessories, but these should be easy to assemble and disassemble. Sometimes, turn the mouthpiece to change it, since it is integrated into the aspirator tube.

The price of the sled vacuum cleaner

Depending on the budget you have assigned, the type of vacuum cleaner that you can buy can have the following characteristics and price level:


Bad results on soft soils (E), much re-emission of dust outdoors (DE).

They do not have a HEPA filter (in the best case, EPA).

They can have acceptable performance in soft soils (AB)

Energy efficiency BC

Few accessories

Between 50-100$

Improve some of the previous sections. Generally, on hard floors and in the number of accessories that usually include.

Between 100-200$

Can be with or without a bag.

The classification of energy efficiency, re-emission of dust to the outside or in the collection in both hard and soft soils, is not always the maximum, but it is very high (ABC).

They usually have a good endowment in accessories and often specific brushes for soft floors.

> 200$

They are very energy efficient. Among them are the best models for particular needs (thick rugs, carpets, allergic, for homes with pets). They improve the performance on the lower ranges because they usually have some specific and highly useful accessory for those particular tasks where the best is needed.

The noise of the vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner that is too noisy can be uncomfortable for you and your neighbors. What is considered a loud vacuum cleaner?

Below 70 DB can be considered silent.

Between 70-75 DB the vacuum cleaner emits a normal noise

Above 80 DB we would already be talking about a noisy vacuum cleaner.

The noise data is easy to find on the energy label.



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