15 New Smart Home Technologies Dominating the Home-Tech Industry in 2018

A smart technology powered home is the new sensation among the tech lovers. A smart home is not only a treat to live in, but it is also cost-effecting. You can automate an ongoing home maintenance process by investing once in a particular technology. Most of these technologies are automatic and can be operated with minimal or no human involvement. These technologies are so in demand that many of the renowned builders are implementing these technologies in their residential property in Noida Extension, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, and other smart cities. This article is all about the 15 most sought-after smart home technologies that are revolutionizing the smart living concept.

1. Home Monitoring Apps

A newly bought device or an existing device can be monitored or controlled by a smart home app. The facilities offered by these apps are endless. In most of the cases, these apps can be downloaded for free from Google or iOS market. And some apps belong to freemium or premium models. Almost every smart device comes with an inbuilt app.

2. Multi-Featured Remote Controls

Multi-Featured remote control is the sole solution to monitor many devices. With a smart remote, you don’t need to have different remotes for different devices. You can operate your television, home theatre, music devices, air condition, washing machine, microwave etcetera with only one smart remote by syncing altogether.

3. Voice Control Technology

Imagine you have the power to control particular actions with your voice command. Yes, with voice control technology, it’s the same thing. Many devices come with voice command facilities and can be operated interactively with your voice. Not only some devices but, some apps also let you manage them with your voice command. This technology saves time and effort besides making a particular process more efficient.

4. Auto Enabled Home Sensors

An automated home sensor, for example, a motion sensor can take up the charge of operating several individual devices. You can sync as many devices as you want and set particular conditions to automate the entire process. Be it commercial spaces or residential flats in Noida Extension, Gurgaon, Delhi, Mumbai or elsewhere, most of them are having the smart home sensor as a necessary amenity nowadays.

5. Smart Home Cams

A smart home cam is not just a trending technology, but it is a must-have security option for every homeowner. If you are spending time out of your home for a long and you have your aged parents or kids at home then, using a smart cam should be your primary concern. This way you can monitor your home remotely and assure utmost safety to your loved ones.

6. New Era Entertainment Devices

Entertainment devices are the essential part of any home. Be it television, music system, home theatre or anything else; all are needed to keep you entertained at the time of need. But, with the latest all-in-one entertainment devices, you can expect a lot more than that. You can automate, even voice-automate all your entertainment devices in one hub and sync accordingly to enjoy the best of it.

7. Eco-Friendly Home Technologies

Eco-friendly home technologies are improvising the go green concept at a rapid pace. Solar energy powered system, rainwater harvesting system etcetera are changing the way people living in a home. Besides this technologies, there are several eco-friendly products too that are enhancing the everyday life of the people. 

8. Automated Garage Door Openers

Opening a garage door can be a hectic task sometimes especially in the times of urgency. Also, it takes a lot of effort to open it up manually. Using an automatic garage door opener system, you can reduce the efforts drastically. Not only it eases the door opening process, but it also ensures the security of your garage.

9. Window Solution Technology

Using smart window technology, you can control the temperature of your home or a specific room as and when needed. You can open or close your windows from a remote location or let the view glass automatically work according to your command when you are out of your home. You can do all these by using a related app comes inbuilt with the system.

10. Smart Spaces

You can plan smart spaces in your home using the auto transformation technology. For instance, you can use a living room as a conference room by switching the lighting and equipment instantly with the use of smart technology.

11. Home Blind Control Technology

You can control the home blind and set its movements according to your need using smart home blind control technology. You can operate it remotely with the inbuilt app when you are out of your home and let it comforts the atmosphere before you reach your home.

12. All New Home Appliances

The all new home appliances powered by smart technologies are smarter than ever before. From refrigerator and microwave to the washing machine and air conditioner, all are packed with extensive features. You can pre-heat or pre-cool the appliances according to your need, let it start and shut down automatically at a particular time and much more.

13. Modern Home Utilities

Just like the home appliances, the home utilities are also packed with exciting features, thanks to the smart home technologies. You can operate the watering system, plumbing system, lawn mowing system etcetera remotely using the inbuilt apps on your smartphone.

14. Improved Lighting Solution

Smart lighting solution is the foremost thing when one thinks about living in a smart home. A remote-controlled lighting system is quite efficient. You can turn it on and off remotely before entering or after leaving your home. You can also control the lighting intensity as required.

15. Smart Door System

A smart home is incomplete without a smart door lock system. Smart door lock reduces the risk of criminal activities. There are both the biometric door lock system which scans a face, eyes or particular fingerprints and the video door lock system available in the market. One can choose the either according to the need. 



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