11 Things that a Designer Should Do in his Lifetime

Our lives are limited, no one can avoid them, and accidents may come at any time. No one wants to leave regrets. So, what should be done when you are alive? If you still have more than 50 years of life, what are you going to do first?

01. Meet your idol

Everyone has an idol in his heart and wants to meet him. Of course, it is usually very difficult. For designers, there are also adoring design coffee, and it is relatively easy to meet them.

You may meet with leaders in the field of illustrations, graphic design, web design, 3D, or animation. They often become designers after a meal. And these people often hold open seminars and other activities, you can come to the scene.

Optimizing your resume will make it more likely that these creative parties will meet you.

2. Reading the classics

Do you feel that you haven’t really learned anything in the design course? Do you feel that you have never really mastered the basic principles of design, such as the golden section and the grid principle? Since then, these gaps have existed in your design thinking, which may become a bottleneck that prevents you from creating better works.

Therefore, although the industry generally has the problem of “do not understand” in basic theory, you still need to master it. You can start with color principles and so on. It is best to read the Bible-level works in the design world.

3. Conduct a project with hobbies

Designing for others is not a bad thing, whether it is an employer or a customer. But designing within the framework of others means that part of your inspiration will be banned, so if you want to unleash your creativity, it’s best to start a project you like, either as a sideline or as a personal work.

Remember, the ultimate goal of such works is to please yourself, so in a sense, it will not be “failed.” Just like the words of “Star Wars” Yoda said: “There is nothing to try, either to succeed or to fail.” In other words, what matters is the process, not the result. You are going to realize what your own ideas are.

4. Contribute your design skills to great careers

You always use your design skills to contribute to your employer, but the contribution to social welfare will make you more impressed.

Giving money to foundations or non-profit organizations is a good act, but you can provide them with something more useful and at the same time gain satisfaction. As you work on related projects, you will also develop your creative skills and discover that you will have different thinking when you are not designing for money. These experiences will, in turn, promote your career and make you a lot of friends.

5. Take a vacation

No one will hope that the memories of a lifetime are all “in the company office” scene? So why not take a break to travel, write a book, learn a foreign language, or fulfill any of your subconscious wishes?

Most companies offer annual leave, even if your company does not have this system, it is okay to ask for a period of vacation. A happy employee is an efficient employee, and joining other things will give you a new perspective to help you become a better designer.

6. Experience failure

It may seem strange to add it to the necessary things, but if you have never experienced a real failure, many things will never be learned. Cecilo said: “Life is not learned, no difference.”

So this risk is necessary, you can try to break the rules and do something special. Maybe it really failed, but it is also a valuable lesson. Or if it succeeds, it will be amazing and even change your life’s achievements.

7. Engage in crowdfunding

Many designers have their own ideas, but they don’t dare to implement them themselves, because that can mean huge financial risks. If you are the same, why not try crowdfunding? A few decades ago, crowdfunding was a crazy concept that was not recognized. Now there are many crowdfunding platforms, many of which are aimed at creative people.

But please note that crowdfunding is not as simple as launching and collecting money. Unless you have millions of fans, remuneration may be a matter of full-time advocacy. You need to convince people to export money from the bag to support your project and promise them a certain degree of return.

8. Learn some code

If you are not in a position like a web designer, there may be no “code” in the entire career. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to learn some.

Learn basic HTML and CSS and feel free to try and build your own small website. Doing this will help you further understand how digital displays work, make it easier to talk to engineers, and get creative inspiration from more.

Just like learning to communicate languages, if you can get familiar with 200 Spanish words, it is enough to travel to Spain. And if you have the ability to write a few lines of code, it can take you to a whole new field.


9. Teaching others to design

You spend a lot of time honing your design skills and passing them on to others, and you will feel unexpectedly enriched. There are many ways to do this, including online classes and face-to-face instructions.

Although you are sharing your skills, you can re-recognize your skills from a new perspective. Teaching others’ pride and sense of accomplishment is another reward, especially when they give you good feedback.

10. Thanks to your tutor

We all know that giving feedback or reply is a good manner, and we hope that others will give us feedback and reply. But unfortunately, we tend to ignore it ourselves.

If you succeed in becoming a designer and use it as your career, please look back and think about who contributed to this, and which teacher has given you the greatest help. The person who leads you and helps you achieve a breakthrough is your mentor.

You can stop thinking now and write down those names. Why not write an email to them and tell them what you are doing now and what achievements have you made? This not only gives you a sense of satisfaction but also makes your tutor feel gratified.

11. Recognize your dreams and pursue your dreams

The entries listed in this article are just a sneak peek. If you want to know what you have to do for yourself, you should think deeply about it.

Everyone has a heartfelt desire to fulfill, but life will always be our obstacle, and finally, we will suppress our dreams, and even let us forget, let us fall into a state of strength.

Therefore, the advice we can give is to take a break and turn off the phone to let the brain relax. Only in this way can you really understand your goals and find your own source of happiness.

Maybe once you do this, you will find that it is not so difficult to pursue your dreams: to eliminate those obstacles, step by step, and work hard from now on!




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