10 Classic Tips to Improve Traffic & Conversion for your SaaS Business

Compared to e-commerce and retail websites, it is more daunting to bring traffic and conversions for SaaS businesses. This is because SaaS businesses have diverse business cycles and key metrics to consider. Every prospect is in a different stage of the buyer’s journey and that makes it more important to build an engaging online marketing strategy that suits the requirements of each persona.

Let’s understand how you can improve the website traffic and conversions for your SaaS business with 10 classic tips.

1. Create high-quality content

Capturing quality leads is only possible if you have a well-designed website that caters to the visitor’s needs. Your landing pages should be simple and without any distractions so that it grabs the reader’s attention in the right way and encourages them to complete the purchase. Carry out A/B testing by building multiple variants of the landing page so that you can determine what works the best for your brand. Keep iterating the layout and copy of the pages so that you can convert your visitors into leads and then into customers. 

2. Security is must

SSL Certificates help in ensuring secure transactions through your website by encryption of the data transmitted between the user and the server. SSL offers many benefits other than security, that includes better search engine ranking of your website. There are several types of SSL Certificates such as Domain Validation, Organization Validation, and Extended Validation.

Domain validation certificate is the most basic type of certificate whereas Extended Validation Certificate falls under the premium category of certificates that requires a strict verification process.

Through Extended Validation certificates, you can display your company name in the browser’s address bar, to ensure customer that they are accessing the correct site.

If you are interested to display your company name in browser address bar, you need an extended validation certificate. For more information about EV SSL certificate and how to apply, you can obtain from here.

10 Classic Tips to Improve Traffic & Conversion for your SaaS Business

3. Nurture the free-trial users

Use retargeted ads or email marketing to nurture the leads that have opted for free trials of your services. These can be your sales qualified leads that are more likely to convert into customers. Display the most relevant content to them so that it appeals to them and entices them to try out the premium subscription.

4. Design an accessible website

Accessible websites are the need of the hour as so many of your prospects may be living with some kind of disability. To make sure that these ‘specially abled’ prospects can read your website in the same way as everyone else, employ accessibility in your website. Accessibility also implies making your website quick to load, with no unnecessary design elements. Follow the design best practices like using a readable font style, a font size of at least 14px and proper contrast in colors.

5. Adhere to the branding guidelines

Consistent brand experience is of utmost importance if you want to garner more website visits and conversions. Use the same kind of design layout on your website, social media platforms, as well as emails so that your prospects can easily connect with your brand.

6. Search engine optimization should be a priority

With the competition getting more and more fierce in the digital marketplace, optimization of your website as per the search engine algorithms should be your foremost priority. SSL Certificates make a huge contribution in this aspect, but it is inevitable to add relevant keywords, meta tags, search engine titles, image alt text, etc. Your SaaS business can garner heavy traffic by having the content displayed on the first page of the search results and SEO is the key to this.

10 Classic Tips to Improve Traffic & Conversion for your SaaS Business

7. Organize webinars and offline events

Conducting webinars reflects your expertise in the particular field and helps you get new traffic on your website. You can even co-host these webinars with other brands, as a lead-sharing strategy. Offline events and contests also help in improving brand visibility. You can incentivize the participants by offering them branded giveaways that would make your prospects notice you better and know about you.

8. Employ PPC/Adwords

PPC and Adwords drive several opportunities for SaaS businesses. You should use the appropriate platform to advertise your services with the right kind of banner and copy. If your copy and banner are not interesting enough for your prospect, they would not convert. Determine whether you need a long-term plan or short-term plan. Accordingly, employ your PPC and Adwords strategy.

9. Use rich media on your websites

Include visual elements like high-resolution images, GIFs and videos on your website to interest the visitor. Explanatory videos can boost the website and conversion rate to a great extent as they portray you as a proficient and reliable company when compared to your competitors who are not using these features. However, make sure you do not go too much over the top as it may increase the loading time of your website.

10. Focus on responsive website creation

Mobile-optimized content and design should be of paramount importance while you develop your websites. As mobile users are growing at an astonishing rate, your website should be responsive and render without any challenges on every device regardless of the screen size and device type. It is sure to turn off your visitors if your website does not get displayed properly on the mobile devices. They might choose your competitors over you. You certainly would not want that to happen, right?


Conversion Rate Optimization is most challenging for SaaS websites as no two customers have the same kind of personality or needs. Go through these 10 tips and you will surely see a great improvement in your website traffic and conversion rate.



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